FARGO Just in time for the holidays, here’s your latest edition of “Reader Feedback.” Often imitated, never duplicated, it’s the column dedicated to you, the readers. It tells you what readers are saying to me or about me on emails, Facebook, or published letters.

About 80% of the comments are uplifting. Here are some of them. “You are making a difference, Jim. Thanks for your courage and perseverance,” “Thanks Jim for putting into words what is in all our hearts,” “Thanks for again standing up for what is right. You have a skill at saying it like it is,” “Thank you for the extremely powerful informative column,” and “As always, your column was so welcomed! God Bless you, Jim Shaw. Thank you for your dedication to reporting with truth and reason.”

Wow! I am so appreciative of those beautiful comments. Now, it’s time to hear from readers with a different view of my work, along with my responses.

From June: “Jim Shaw knows better than this.”

Dear June, No, I don’t.

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From Sara: “We do have some die from the virus … These same people could be killed by the flu … You also failed to provide any science saying masks truly work to stop viruses.”

Dear Sara, You have been spending too much time with Dave Piepkorn.

From Shawn: “He (me) is not allowed an op-ed (column) since he is a reporter for a local news channel.”

Dear Shawn, I haven’t worked in a local television news department in more than six years. Thanks for noticing.

From Lyle: “Our president (Trump/Pence team) has done better than anyone else could with this pandemic.”

Dear Lyle, I will pass along your comments to the 15 million Americans who have been infected, and the families of the 290,000 Americans who have died from this pandemic.

From Larry: “There’s no point in reading your column when I already know what you’re going to say.”

Dear Larry, If you aren’t reading my columns, then why are you writing to me?

From Darrel: “Prove that the virus exists and is the cause of all the cases and death numbers you repeat.”

Dear Darrel, What is it like to live on Mars?

From Jack (After my column about Donald Trump reportedly calling fallen soldiers, “Losers and suckers.”): “Confirmed by other sources quoting the first anonymous is scarcely confirmation … I may have heard from anonymous sources that Jim Shaw called.”

Dear Jack, Why didn’t you return my call?

From Tom: “Shaw, stay at home in your jammies and keep writing your fear instilling opinion pieces.”

Dear Tom, You would love my Mighty Mouse jammies.

Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”

Shaw is a former WDAY TV reporter and former KVRR TV news director. Email jimshawtv@gmail.com