Bender: Biden was elected to stop the insanity. It's stopped.

"You don't wake up every morning wondering what kind of crazy crap Trump's going to do next. Foment an insurrection? Bomb Mexico? The average blood pressure in America's down about 30 points. I'll take it."

Tony Bender
Tony Bender
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“It's turrible! Biden's a maroon!” That's what you'll hear from Trumpsters and, frankly, it cracks me up, coming from the followers of President Word Salad. You know, the very stable genius who wanted to nuke hurricanes.

I suppose if you get all your news from Tucker Carlson and his tan family jewels, and are by nature intellectually incurious, the hallmark of a Republican voter, you'd think that. It's an indisputable fact that Fox News viewers are less educated than MSNBC viewers, and Fox certainly isn't boosting any IQ points. Just fear.

I've been watching Joe Biden for years, starting with C-SPAN. Charming, smart, and funny, and he knew his stuff. Compare that to Trump in the midst of a global crisis, wanting to put light bulbs up our butts . Then, watch Biden today in a news conference. He still knows his stuff. Sure, he has his moments. Presidenting is a difficult job even for a young man — if you actually do the job instead of sleeping in until noon. If you actually read the security briefings. Sending Trump out to a news conference was like sending a toddler to play at the gas station with firecrackers and matches.

Even if you aren't intellectually honest, and you really believe Biden is a moron, consider this. Your guy lost to a moron. By 8 million votes. I shudder to think of Trump at the helm during this Ukraine crisis. Hell, he'd be helping Putin invade. With nuclear hurricanes or something.

By the way, the Ukraine war has a lot to do with higher gas prices. Remember the last time prices skyrocketed? Dubya was going to “jawbone” them down. Didn't happen. Presidents have little to do with energy prices in a global market. Now, to be intellectually honest, just so you Republicans can see how it's done, Biden's freeze on new federal land leases didn't have any real-world consequence — there are plenty of unexercised leases, but what it did was make oil companies nervous about the future and reluctant to invest in new wells.


Let me tell you why that's OK, and you disenchanted Democrats who think Biden hasn't tried to fulfill his campaign promises, follow along. He pledged to combat climate change and the only way that happens is with a transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Will there be pain? Damn straight, but a whole lot less than our great-grandkids will feel getting broiled by an overheated planet.

We should take a cue from the Native Americans who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. This, they said, is a fight for the future — seven generations into the future. Instead, we live fiscal quarter to quarter. Profits down? Gotta keep dividends up. Here come the layoffs. By the way, unemployment is down to 3.6%. If Biden's going to take the hit for inflation caused by the mismanagement of the COVID crisis, he ought to get credit for that.

I won't tell you everything's hunky-dory — it's not. But, remember, Biden was elected to stop the insanity. It's stopped. You don't wake up every morning wondering what kind of crazy crap Trump's going to do next. Foment an insurrection? Bomb Mexico? The average blood pressure in America's down about 30 points. I'll take it.

Tony Bender writes an exclusive weekly column for Forum News Service. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this publication, nor Forum Communications ownership.

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Opinion by Tony Bender
Tony Bender writes an exclusive weekly column from North Dakota for Forum News Service.
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