Port: Oley Larsen: Ilhan Omar isn’t a terrorist, she’s just sympathetic to them

Oley Larsen
Senator Oley Larsen

This morning state Senator Oley Larsen, a Republican from Minot, finally got around to addressing controversy over a false Facebook meme he shared claiming controversial Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was trained by al Qaeda. In other posts he also called her a terrorist .

He apologizes for sharing inaccurate information, but says: “I want to be clear, this is by no means an apology to Ilhan Omar.”

But shouldn’t it be an apology to Omar? Larsen doesn’t have to like her or her politics, but he claimed she was trained by al Qaeda. It was a completely bogus claim, and when you do that to someone, the decent thing to do is apologize even if they are your political enemy.

Put simply, if you call someone a terrorist and they’re not, you know, a terrorist you should say you’re sorry.

He also says he’s not resigning from his post as interim president protem of the Senate, nor his he resigning from his Senate seat.


The voters of Larsen’s legislative district are the only people who really get a say in the latter. For the former, the full Senate chamber could vote to remove him from the seat.

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