Jackie Hope: We’re all Royals fans in our home

We're all Royals fans here. Two weeks ago, we were all Cubs fans. Next week we are gonna be Vikings fans. No matter what, we are always Vikings fans.

We’re all Royals fans here. Two weeks ago, we were all Cubs fans. Next week we are gonna be Vikings fans. No matter what, we are always Vikings fans.

Who remembers when the World Series was played in the daytime during -- gasp! -- the first week of October? Yes, Millennials. Once upon a time, way back when the Twins went to their first World Series, it was played in the daytime. And you did not have to wear your chukka boots and goose-down coats in that old Metropolitan Stadium, because the fall classic was played in the fall. Not in pre-winter like it is now.

No primetime sports in those early days, either, baby. We got “ABC’s Wide World of Sports” on Sunday afternoon and we had to be satisfied. Barrel jumping was always a family fave on “Wide World.”

But what about those Royals? Back in 2005, they became our family’s Project Team. You know, like in, “We are gonna cheer for these poor schlubs, even though they are projected to lose 100 games. They will be our project.”

And the Royals rewarded us by going on their notorious multi-game losing streaks each season. Of course, 2005 set the bar for those streaks. They lost 19 in a row -- a divisional record -- and dropped 106 games that year. They lost only 100 games in their next season.  We figured the improvement was our doing. You gotta have hope, right?


Then along came our Shirt of Power. It was a George Brett jersey we snatched up on eBay, as a 2006 Father’s Day gift. It had been used just a tiny bit, by a little old lady who only wore it during Sunday afternoon home game days. We thought the listing said it was “Gently Worn.” Turned out it actually said, “Generally Warm.” We are sort of near-sighted, so, whatever.

That June, the Royals were giving fans a royal pain. Until one of us put on the Shirt of Power. The Royals took the field that fateful day and they played like winners. Like it was the first game of the 2015 World Series. They were spectacular. It might have been the best game of their 2006 season. The Shirt of Power was so powerful, we stuffed it into the back of the closet. We were afraid it would affect our microwave, cause static on the radio, or alter the space-time continuum.

We now knew Shirts of Power were a real thing. So in the fall of 2007 we purchased a Manning jersey. Eli Manning. Because Eli’s jerseys were scads cheaper than Peyton’s. Eli was, well, not to put too fine a point on it, Eli was tanking at that time. Then one family member donned the Eli jersey and portentously announced, “Eli is gonna take us to the Promised Land.” Superbowl XLII: ‘nuf said.

It should be noted that our family also owns the Arsenal Football Club Arsenal of Power. That’s soccer football, not football football. Anyway, our Arsenal arsenal consists of one cap, one beanie, one flag, two FA Cup Championship shirts and a pop-up Emirates Stadium birthday card. They all must be put on display before the matches start, for maximum power. And for one bright, shining moment two weeks ago, Arsenal stood at the top of the standings. They’d still be there if we’d have remembered that danged flag.

We have a Royals flag, too, and it has been flown for so many years, it is tattered and tired. But today it is a Flag of Mega Power.

We’re all Royals fans here.

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