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Letter: Elkin has been great for Stark County

I enthusiastically encourage everyone to vote for Jay Elkin for Stark County commissioner in this November's election.

Jay has performed in his present position as a county commission in a commendable manner. He represents District 5 on the Commission, serves on the Finance Board, county and city zoning boards, and the Stark County Job Development Authority.

Jay is a fiscally responsible public servant. He supports sustainable economic growth while either maintaining property taxes at their current levels, or lowering them. A good example of this is the expansion project now underway on the Stark County Courthouse.

Elkin was not willing to approve this project until adequate funds from the oil and gas extraction taxes had accumulated so property tax mill levies would not have been raised. This project has been in the planning stages since 2010 and now is being accomplished without additional cost to the county's taxpayers.

Safety at all levels for county residents is a priority of Elkin's. This is evidenced by his continued support for EMS, firefighters and police officers. He recognized the need and supported an expanded county judicial system.

Jay Elkin is a strong advocate for efficient and effective county government. He cares about the residents of the county. Vote for Jay Elkin to serve on the Stark County Commission.

C.B. (Buck) Haas,