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Letter: Nelson only governor candidate who'll regulate oil in ND

The well-publicized clash between the opponents and proponents of Dakota Access Pipeline continued recently when some opponents made their presence known to the three gubernatorial candidates during a debate in Bismarck.

As an interested voter living in western North Dakota, I have focused on the rhetoric of the three candidates—Doug Burgum, Marvin Nelson and Marty Riske—regarding oil issues. Of the three, only one has taken the time to delve into the problems between the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and the placing of the pipeline.

It was Marvin Nelson's research that revealed the placement of the pipeline is in a source water protected area, an unsuitable site. I would choose a governor who actually has concerns for the people of the state instead of being blindly influenced by the oil industry.

In an op-ed just prior to the primary election in June, Burgum used the phrase "unnecessary, burdensome regulation" when referring to the energy industry. Since he didn't elaborate on which regulations are unnecessary and/or burdensome, and he endorsed the "70 percent of regulations can go" Trump, the general feeling is that he is against most regulations.

On radio news, Burgum said he knew what it was like to be in front of the Industrial Commission and he would cut regulations to make it easier for the oil companies (even easier that now when regulations/fines aren't enforced?).

I don't want another governor who chooses oil companies' bank balances over residents, water and air quality, and the health of North Dakota. I want a consistent, backboned, common-sense governor like Marvin Nelson. For the good of the state, everyone should.

Shelly Ventsch,

New Town