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Letter: Government needs to get out of 'sin tax' business

It is my intention in writing this editorial so that all citizens can read this in all North Dakota newspapers.

Citizens, please vote "no" on Measure 4 in the upcoming state measure voting. Slam the door shut to government control!

It is nothing but a scam. But more importantly, a "government scam" politically written and politically corrupted to "mandate another" hate tax.

It's purpose is to raise $70 million a year by raising 400 percent more taxes on cigarettes and saying they want more veterans programs and health education.

North Dakota veterans are not "all in" to support this measure. Rather, they would prefer a greater amount (in 2017) come from the $4.6 billion Legacy Fund and, more so, more moral support.

Government, it is time to stop getting into personal issues. Stop your "mandatory" taxing and quit growing big business government (ex. slush funds). Shame, shame. Quick picking on smokers. What's next on your sin tax agenda?

Tobacco is not a crime.

Allan Thorstad,