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Letter: Fridrich has skills needed for City Commission

I met candidate for Dickinson city commissioner Jason Fridrich when he was a student in my business courses at Dickinson State University. Even as a young student, it was evident that Jason would made a positive impact on DSU.

He was a mentor to other students as well as a serious scholar. Jason knew even then that his future included staying in Dickinson to begin his own business with the goal of giving back to the Dickinson community.

Jason has always been generous with his time, serving on many local committees. A vital and positive influence in Dickinson for many years, Jason is now generously offering to serve in the capacity of city commissioner.

Over the course of his career as owner of Legend Homes, Jason has shown himself to be an honorable, honest and authentic business owner. When I made the decision several years ago to build a house, Jason was my first and only call.

Building a home is, in many ways, analogous to building a community. The builder needs to have a deep understanding of the homeowner's dreams; the builder needs to work in coordination with others (such as numerous subcontractors); the builder needs to adapt to changing conditions along the way; the builder needs to handle problems as they arise and find common areas of agreement; the builder needs to adhere to timelines and provide a home at the end of the process that the homeowner is proud to call his or her own.

I urge you to vote for Jason Fridrich as your new city commissioner. I believe he has the essential skills for making the city of Dickinson a "home" that we can all be proud of.

Debora Dragseth,