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LETTER: Who is "Vote Right 36?"

Have you noticed in the paper the District 36 Democrats have gone negative? At least I think they are Democrats. Their ads don't say they are Democrats, but rather something called "Vote Right District 36." Normally we have right-wing Republicans and left-wing Democrats, so why aren't they "Vote Left District 36"? I am pretty sure Dean Meyer and Linda Kittlilson will be on the ballot as Democrats.

Their ads criticize spending by Republicans in the last session. Perhaps they are referring to the surge bill sponsored by Sens. Kelly Armstrong and Rich Wardner and Rep. Mike Schatz in the House.

The fact is that the one-time spending for infrastructure was badly needed to keep up with the demands of the oil and gas industry. Now that oil activity has receded, the Republicans in state government have cut spending to keep the state budget balanced, the same as you and I would do.

When oil activity picks up again, and it will, city and county roads and state highways will be better able to accommodate the increased traffic. The state now has a Legacy Fund and rainy-day fund, and property tax relief as well.

All in all, Republicans like Kelly Armstrong and Mike Schatz have done a great job in the Legislature. Does anyone really think that tax-and-spend Democrats would be more fiscally responsible than Kelly Armstrong, Mike Schatz and Luke Simons? Would the Democrats who would ban fracking, wage war on coal, and destroy agriculture with Waters of the U.S. do a better job in the Legislature? Definitely not!

I am proud of our Republican team and proud to be a Republican in District 36. I hope you will join me in voting for Kelly Armstrong, Mike Schatz and Luke Simons on Nov. 8.

John Enderle,

Chairman, District 36 Republican Party,