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Letter: Measure 4 doesn't have enough specifics

There are many things about Measure 4 that concern me. One of them is that the spending programs, which are very vaguely described, are locked in for seven years. So what happens if there are problems? What if there is actual fraud or abuse or waste?

I am not certain there is any system for accountability either. As I understand it, the only way the Legislature may change this is by a two-thirds majority vote. Let's be realistic, the Legislature meets every other year and has a mountain of issues they have to work on. I wonder if they would even have time to consider the matter if irregularities were to arise.

I'm just not comfortable with the way Measure 4 is written. I've read the document. I challenge voters to read it as well. It's nine pages long but there are only four sentences in all these pages that describe the programs the money might be spent on. That worries me. There are not enough specifics in Measure 4 to give me the confidence the money won't be wasted.

I'm voting "No" on Measure 4 on my absentee ballot. I hope you will do the same.

Jared Scheeler,