Letter to the editor: A special thanks to teachers


As we prepare to open the first middle school built in Dickinson, we would like to publicly thank the staff of Berg Elementary and Hagen Junior High. When the public voted to approve a bond with overwhelming support, these teachers reacted first with gratitude. These individuals then reacted to the passing of that bond by rolling up their sleeves to develop a new middle school that would meet the changing needs of our community.

Over the past forty-three months, over one hundred educational professionals have donated thousands of hours. Hundreds of meetings occurred before and after school, at lunch, during the summer, and even on weekends to create a building design our staff felt would meet the needs of middle school children in the Dickinson community.

The building design, however, was only half the work required to open a new middle school. Once the building design was finalized, these educational professionals have worked diligently to develop the internal design of our new middle school. Berg and Hagen professionals collaborated to adopt procedures, processes, and educational practices that have been proven effective, and started the process of utilizing techniques that they weren't able to previously, due to the physical space of the old buildings.

As of July 1, 2017, these professionals were no longer Hagen and Berg teachers, but belong now to a new community of professionals at Dickinson Middle School. These teachers have spent countless hours moving into the new school and creating engaging classroom environments for their future students

These professionals believed that a new middle school was an integral part of the future of our students at Dickinson Public Schools. Many individuals volunteered their knowledge, their time, their energy, and their passion for educating kids to develop and communicate a viable plan for a new middle school in Dickinson. For all this work, we would like to say a special thank you.

Ms. Cassie Francis

Mr. Shawn Leiss

Dr. Marcus Lewton