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LETTER: Western Horizons Care Center offers proper health care

Western Horizons Care Center offers proper health care

This is in response to the Dickinson Press early August headlines regarding the Western Horizon Care Center in Hettinger, ND. The report by Grady McGregor seems to suggest the Care Center is in total disarray. I would like to offer another side to the story. My mother is a resident of the above mentioned Care Center. My comments should have some degree of accuracy since I have been in the facility, traveling from New England, over 400 times since April 1, 2015. The article was entirely focused on the reports of the North Dakota Health Department resulting from their survey visit. I would like to focus on my personal experiences during these many visits. The other side of the story is the many positive aspects of the Care Center. The following comments are in regard to the care of my mother at the facility.

1. During my visits, Mom appears to be well groomed. This would suggest that regular showers and clean clothing are provided.

2. Meals appear to be well balanced and are supplemented during the day.

3. All prescribed medications are distributed timely on a daily basis. Her medications are reviewed periodically by a West River Health Clinic physician.

4. Certified therapist conduct regular exercise.

5. Many activities are offered at the Care Center. These activities range from music, arts and crafts to Bingo.

6. Volunteer's form the Hettinger community devote many hours of their time and talents to help residents feel more at home.

7. The vast majority of employees at the Care Center are dedicated hard working professionals. This includes nurses, certified nursing assistants, kitchen staff, and activity director, director of admissions, therapists, office staff and maintenance.

With a correction plan moving forward and with proper staffing the care Center will continue to offer a facility where families can be assured of proper care for their loved ones. Southwest North Dakota residents need to know that many positive aspects of health and elderly care do occur at the Western Horizons Care Center in Hettinger, ND.

Gary Jung, New England