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Letter: Get something ‘constructive done’


I read Governor Burgum  “announces task force to examine higher education governance”.  Somehow it seems that all North Dakotan’s have been to that rodeo maybe two or three times.

Governor Burgum will chair the task force but is cautioned by a Minority Democratic Leader not to have any “preconceived notions about what he wants to accomplish”.  That is tried and true, gold standard, politically correct DEEP STATE SPEAK.  You will find the same lying on the ground in cow pastures.   All the members, Governor included, are to come to the first meetings as a clean slate, with the question “why am I here and why are you here”.  The first words spoken are “What do you think” and the response is “No, what do you think”.  Someone please give me a break!

The task force is made up of the Governor and 15 members.  The operative phrase used by the Governors Staff is “Go out and round up the usual suspects”.  I’m wondering if we might get a better result by just taking 15 random names out of the the North Dakota Phone Directory.   History indicates we couldn’t do any worse and may even bring Higher Education in line.

Higher Education is controlled by eleven (11) fiefdoms across the State.  All legislators are in the harness for their respective college except for maybe three or four in the Bowman and Ashley areas.  And the battle cry, in disguise, and never spoken of in open meetings is “Economic Development” not “Higher Education”.  The schools for the blind, deaf and the school in Grafton –they are there for economic reasons and not in the interest of the run of the mill North Dakotan.

Let’s remove our heads from where the ”sun don’t shine” and try and get something constructive done this time.

Sincerely yours,

Leon L Mallberg, Dickinson