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LETTER: Build TR Library in Medora


Could this be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put the Theodore Roosevelt Library around Medora? The Theodore Roosevelt Foundation Medora has 3,763 acres of land. They could donate 40 acres for the library. There is more to consider with the building of the refinery both within 10 miles.

Two multimillion-dollar projects at the same time would need a lot of local businesses to accommodate the two projects for the workers’ needs. We need the help from the towns of Medora, Beach, Belfield, Fryburg, Fairfield, Amidon, South Heart and Dickinson to accommodate the needs of the workers and a CEO who would be happy to work and live here.

This is an opportunity for small towns to grow and flourish. How is Dickinson progressing with TR Cabin after one year? It should be near completion with the help of volunteers and donations. See what the vets did for Dickinson.

Nick Pedeliski, Belfield