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LETTER: Abolish Property Tax


Former President Ronald Reagan once said:  “the worst words you can ever hope to hear are,  I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” This has no better been dramatized than in our 2017 property tax bills.

Upon the defeat of measure 2 led by the lies of the Andy Peterson gang,  our RINO controlled legislature promised for three legislative sessions to fix the property tax system.  Nothing happened which we knew wouldn’t.  While they bought down the local school districts share of the property tax,  the counties were busy inflating their budgets offsetting any reductions in school district mill levies.  Instead of going down,  property taxes  went up,  proving   government at every level is corrupt.

Along came the 2017 state legislature  throwing the school district mill levy buy down back in our faces washing their hands of the whole issue, saying  “property taxes are a local issue”

The truth is our wonderful “citizen”  legislature had no intention of fixing the property tax in the first place.  The system is designed to be abused and cannot be fixed.  The only solution:  ABOLISH!  ABOLISH!  ABOLISH!

WE,  the people have that right!   WE, are the government!  Those we elect are suppose to represent those who elect them.  We have a constitution,  to keep “OUR” government from getting too powerful and to protect the people from “THEIR” government.

We need to treat those we elect like kids.  We give them an allowance and make them live within their means.  We need to get them by the scruff of their financial throat and cut off their monetary wind.  This is the only language these people will understand.

In 2018 all of the odd numbered legislative districts will be up for re-election.  District 37,  mainly the city of Dickinson,  needs all new legislators.  The 2017 legislative session separated the RINOS from the Republicans.  Not only did they fail with the property tax issue,  but all three voted to pass a bill creating a commission to recommend changes that will restrict or take away our right of Initiative and Referral eliminating accountability.  Both the bill and the commission it created are unconstitutional.  One District 37 legislator is seated on that commission.  It is time for the voters of district 37 to terminate the political careers of these three legislators.

Ralph Muecke,  Gladstone