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LETTER: Government never  more out of control and corrupt

I’m turning 77 years of age, and I have never seen our Government more out of control and corrupt. I don’t trust the CIA, FBI, Justice Department, State Department and Congress in general. I truly believe that there is a set of rules for the politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists and another set for us, the great unwashed.

With the troubling revelations exposed at the FBI, Justice Department, State Department, including the National Security agencies, for at least the last year and a half, one could assume we’re reverting to third world status. Taking the State Department alone, it would seem the corruption, self serving and total disregard for classified information has been going on for years. The elites and high political pundits tell us we must take for granted the reliability and long-established integrity of these government entities. If you are naïve enough to accept that, then you still believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Elmer Fudd logic. Government is staffed by human beings, and a lot of them have figured out how to take advantage and feather their own nest.

If we had done any of the sleazy things that have been brought to light in the last decade, we would already be in the crow bar hotel and maybe even solitary confinement. Examples would be the guy who made a video that “caused” Benghazi, Martha Stewart on her investment strategy, the Navy man who took pictures of his home submarine, they all went to jail. What about the conservative groups who requested tax-exempt status from the IRS and were treated like scum. And the lady who did that is free and collecting her retirement.

We have come to that point in our nation’s life where we are hanging on and hoping for better governance. If we get past the “goose neck” in the government sewer line, there is no going back. I am concerned for my adult children but really worried for my grandchildren.

Leon L. Mallberg, Dickinson