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LETTER: Leave imaginary commerce to your imaginary friends


The Bitcoin: An idea based on nothing promoted by people that want your US currency.

How gullible have we gotten? How far from reality must we be to believe someone’s idea of replacing physical currencies with an imaginary one can actually work?

Investing in the Bitcoin will put you in one of only two categories. The first knowing it’s going to be the greatest Ponzi scheme ever and trying to cleverly get a piece of the pie, to increase your wealth at the expense of other more gullible people. This would put you in the category of the people who take advantage of babies & the infirm. The second of course would put you in the category of the gullible, the ones who will end up with their paycheck gone and wondering why the bills are still here.

It is not possible to trade valuable goods for something that is not physical, has no value, is created from nothing, remains nothing, and still to expect to be in business.

Webster’s definition of value: a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged. NOT, a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for nothing exchanged.

Maybe you are of the belief that the dictionary is outdated and should be changed, or that history didn’t exist, or that everything untrue becomes true if you repeat it enough. Then in your mind only, will things exist that are imaginary. It still will not feed, clothe, or shelter your children for only reality can do that.

The Bitcoin scheme is not unlike a chain letter asking you to pay the sender. Money is flying to the top of the chain at a rate previously unheard of.

The world is changing I realize, it has always been evolving. There are now more people in the world than ever before and of course there are more people taking the easy way out than before. The idea of others being responsible for all the bad and claiming all the credit for the good is not new. It has been going on since the beginning of time. What seems to be different now is that these people have become powerful educated people that have dismissed the whole idea of common sense. Knowledge without experience is useless.

Use your hard-earned money to care for your family, leave imaginary commerce to your imaginary friends.

Jim Braun, Belfield