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LETTER: Anybody want to go skunk hunting?


I smell a skunk in the wood pile!  This is the conclusion that I come to after reading the article about the committee created by the 2017 Legislature to recommend changes to the initiative and referral process in ND.

This is bad news.  The sole purpose of this group is to recommend changes,  restricting the I&R process to the point of making it unusable when it comes to holding those we elect accountable.  It’s all about taking away our rights.

It is made to sound like their proposals will  enhance the process for the better.   But knowing those we elect to represent us in the Legislature,  it will be the opposite.

This committee was created by passing Senate Bill 2135 during the 2017 legislative session.

They are very careful not to mention that the passage of SB 2135 is unconstitutional,  the committee it created is also unconstitutional, the proposals created by this bill will also be unconstitutional.  If the Legislature enacts any of the proposals of this group they will be unconstitutional as well.

Article III Section 1 of the ND constitution explicitly states:

While the legislative power of this state shall be invested in a legislative assembly consisting of a senate and house of representatives, the people reserve the power to propose and enact laws by the initiative, including the call for a constitutional convention, to recall certain elected officials. This article is self executing and all of its provisions are mandatory. Laws may be enacted to facilitate and safeguard, but not to hamper, restrict, or impair these powers..

Those we elect take an oath to uphold our state constitution. Apparently that oath doesn’t mean much when they want to take away our rights.

We the people have to protect and safeguard our rights. Those we elect will never do it for us.

Anybody want to go skunk hunting?

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone