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LETTER: Support local animal rescues


One of the many wonderful things about North Dakota is the number of animal rescues existing in the state. These groups go above and beyond to rescue and give abandoned, abused, discarded animals another chance to live the kind of life all of them deserved in the first place. They deal with anger, heartbreak, grief, joy and love every day. Imagine what an emotional roller coaster that is. Yet their dedication is never wavering.

Pick a city. You will find one or more groups dedicated to mending the broken hearts and bodies of these animals and reminding them that they deserve to be cherished. Many are involved in finding homes and matching these sweet souls with families that will give them the love and security they deserve.

Instead of donating to a national organization where you never see your money at work or aren't even sure it is used the way it's supposed to be used, consider donating on the local level. You don't see fancy buildings, executive suites and fancy dressed people. What you will see is people using their homes, shops, personal vehicles and donations to make the animals feel special. If you aren't in a position to donate money, consider donating your time as a volunteer.

Visit the animals these groups are caring for. Volunteer to walk the dogs, snuggle and cuddle the kitty that is scared and uncertain; clean cages or run errands for them.

If you're looking to add a furry member to your family check out a rescue pet. You may not know their pedigree or their history but you'll never be let down by one of them. Many of them have been to hell and back and yet, they will trust their hearts to you and give back 100 percent in love and loyalty.

Rita Huffman, former Dickinson/Regent resident