To those members of the North Dakota House of Representatives who have made a very personal attack to destroy a good man’s reputation on hearsay evidence: We know Luke Simons much better than you do. He is our son, grandson, son-in-law, brother and is much loved and respected.

Luke is a man who helps others whether it is always to stop to help any motorist on the side of the road, to make help videos for fellow ranchers on YouTube, to take in foster children as he and his wife have done, to attend church twice each week.

He brought a wealth of experience to the House of Representatives as he has worked in the oil fields, is a barber and rancher. Yes, Luke has a temper, he is opinionated, talks a lot and is very conservative. Yes, I am prejudiced, but I have been forced to read and listen to uninvestigated and unproven slander.

Joan Simons, Bismarck

Joan Simons, age 91, is Luke Simons’ grandmother.