MURDOCK: President-elect Trump's triumph is one for the ages

NEW YORK -- Congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump. Never having run for so much as city council, he tried his hand at politics and, in his very first campaign, scored Earth's most powerful office. He did so by beating the amalgamated...

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Deroy Murdock

NEW YORK - Congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Never having run for so much as city council, he tried his hand at politics and, in his very first campaign, scored Earth's most powerful office. He did so by beating the amalgamated might of the Clinton and Obama machines - two of the most capable and accomplished political operations in U.S. history.

Trump did this while enduring the constant, scorching hostility of Hollywood, Broadway, and nearly the entire popular culture. He also survived a relentless headwind of scathing media coverage. Atop their brutal dispatches, some 430 "objective" journalists, the Center for Public Integrity reports, donated $381,814 (96.3 percent) to Clinton and $14,373 (3.6 percent) to Trump between January 1, 2015 and last August 30.

Trump and his supporters were accused of hate, even as unhinged, Boston-area Leftists graffitied, "Kill your local Trump supporter," demolished with a pickaxe his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and subjected Republican party offices to vandalism and even arson.

Trump also conquered on the cheap. He spent $270 million for his 59.8 million votes while Hillary poured $521 million into her 60 million ballots. That equals $4.51 per Trump vote versus $8.68 per Clinton ballot.


Agree or disagree with Trump, his relatively low-cost defeat of these forces is a truly staggering accomplishment.

Trump triumphed in part by belying the shopworn claims of liberal journalists that his campaign was built on bigotry. Despite such hideous accusations, the "racist" Trump actually outpaced 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney among black voters, 8 percent to 6, and among Hispanics, 29 percent to 27, according to Pew Research. The "sexist" Trump nearly tied Romney 42 percent to 44 among all women and topped Hillary among white women, 53 percent to 43.

Hillary lost, in part, because she underperformed Obama among minorities. While Obama won 93 percent of the black vote in 2012, Hillary Clinton took only 88 percent on Tuesday. Among Hispanics, Obama scored 71 percent versus 65 for Clinton.

So much for the "racist Trump" lies.

Congratulations as well to Trump's top strategists Steve Bannon, David Bossie, and Kellyanne Conway (the first woman to command a winning presidential campaign). They deserve enormous credit for this spectacular victory.

But Election Day's real heroes, who merit infinite gratitude, are America's voters. Thanks to them, America dodged a bullet Tuesday night.

A Hillary Clinton administration would have meant four more years of Obamite high taxes, relentless spending, regulatory meddling, economic redistribution, and political retribution against her opponents. A thousand Lois Lerners would have bloomed.

Trump will bring management prowess to Washington. While Obama never even ran a lemonade stand, the $9.5 billion Trump Organization includes nine venues overseas, 10 hotels, 17 golf courses, and 24 U.S. properties. Trump's payroll numbers 22,450, reports PrivCo, a private-company database.


As for Obama, he will pay dearly for his unilateralism and curdled disdain for bipartisanship.

ObamaCare slithered through Congress with zero GOP votes. Poetic justice will see a unified Republican government repeal and replace Obama's calamitous signature law.

The self-destructive Iran-nuclear deal - imposed as an "executive agreement," rather than a treaty - probably will be atomized.

Obama flogged America with the Paris "global warming" agreement and his attendant, $993 billion Clean Power Plan. Obama obligated America to its terms, subject to ratification by other global signatories. In essence, Obama outsourced the Senate. A GOP Congress likely will junk this lawless, needless nonsense.

And, with a stroke of a pen, President Trump will vacate Emperor Obama's decrees - i.e. executive orders and "guidance letters" - on immigration, transgender bathrooms, due process limits in college sexual harassment cases, and lots more.

The result? Virtually every one of Obama's nationally self-mutilating policies will be cremated by next spring. Within months, Obama's ruinous legacy will be erased. He will have little more long-term impact than a traveling con man who badly overstayed his welcome.

So, here's to voters from coast to coast. On Tuesday, they saved America.

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