Nodland: Christmas in United States

Fmr. Sen. George Nodland, R-Dickinson, shares his thoughts on Christmas in United States.

Fmr. Sen. George Nodland, R-Dickinson

Christmas Day is this Saturday, December 25. It is a national holiday in the United States that is celebrated by most Americans each year. But, there are always many Americans who don’t enjoy the holiday due to personal hardships such as finances, family issues, and lost love ones.

It is hard to believe that anyone in America is without the bare essentials of food, clothing, and shelter today. But, statistics show there are many homeless adults and children in every state and every city. So many of these people seem to not try to help themselves get out of poverty for one reason or another. I know there are individual situations such as financial hardships, medical hardships, drugs, and alcohol that put these people in homeless positions.

I personally grew up as a young boy who didn’t have much financially, but my mother clothed and fed me well. My Christmas presents were two pairs of jeans, two shirts, and two to four pairs of socks. These clothes were to be worn for the whole year until the next Christmas. (There were patches in the knees of the jeans and sometimes in the elbows of the shirts before the next Christmas!) My toys were cut- outs from the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs. My mother worked part-time for the school hot lunch program. The workers would get the food left over for the day. (My favorite was a macaroni, hamburger, and corn hot dish.) Goldie R. was one of the best cooks in Dunn County!

There are so many government programs and charities today to help people in these situations. Social services, Community Action, Food pantries, Arc Aid Thrift Store, House of Manna, Salvation Army, and many churches in our own town have programs for the needy. One of our churches has a weekly soup kitchen to feed the poor. Most of the large cities in the state have homeless shelters. Different originations have food and clothing drives for the needy. No one is turned away from a hospital emergency room today in America.

We are a blessed country today. Some political leaders are trying to convince us that we have a problem with too many rich and too many poor people in the United States. We do have a problem with too many people not wanting to work for their personal needs! They want other people to take care of them. Some of our government programs promote this thinking for people with all the free handouts without a work requirement. On the other side of the spectrum, there are also many people who cannot have enough personal wealth. But, these people are willing to work to obtain their wealth. (That is the difference between the two types of people). A democratic society creates the rich and the poor. This is what has happened in our country today.


I, personally, want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Remember the “Reason for the Season”! Jesus Christ was born for our salvation to Heaven if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior!

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