Opinion: Radical changes in our country

Fmr. Sen. George Nodland, R-Dickinson, shares his take on the radical changes in our country.

Fmr. Sen. George Nodland, R-Dickinson

I wrote an article in the Dickinson Press this past March concerning the United States becoming a socialistic country. Well, I can see evidence that it is becoming a reality day-by-day as this year progresses. The news of all the proposed changes in our federal government, school systems and even some of our individual state and city governments is alarming to me!

The proposed increase in the federal government spending for programs that our founding fathers would have not thought was a reality in America is alarming! Continuing to pay people unemployment income when our economy is picking up at a rapid pace where employers are finding it almost impossible to find workers, is mind boggling to me! Who would have thought such an event would happen in America? Giving child credit checks to families with children for no economic reason is another program I don’t understand with this growing economy. Free aid to non- citizens has always bothered me. If you want to come to America, you should first find a job. Then, start the process of becoming a legal citizen.

Increasing government regulations are another change being proposed. The proposed increases in water regulations by the EPA will make it almost impossible for farmers and ranchers to operate their business. Forgiving loans to farmers without reviewing the financial conditions of the loan is another mind boggling program. The proposed increase in the IRS Department budget to regulate citizens activity is another government takeover. The increase in regulations for permitting for road and bridge construction and building construction is not necessary to me.

The existing and proposed programs to give businesses and people a financial incentive to convert their businesses, homes, and vehicles to renewable electric energy instead of existing fossil fuel energy is very troubling to me. I personally feel the government should encourage and educate us citizens why we need to convert from fossil fuels to solar, wind, or other forms of energy. If the situation is that alarming for the future, our energy engineers and scientists should convince and educate us on the situation so we change our energy goals in a reasonable & financial manner. The federal government has no right to force such a dramatic change in our country without citizen input! Let the free enterprise system work!

All of these proposed programs will increase our government debt and tax our businesses and private citizens to the point of not existing if we don’t change. I personally don’t think we want that to be the future for our children and grandchildren.


Changing Holiday names, tearing down statues, creating new history theories in public school education will not change the history of the past. Yes, our country was not perfect and we have done some terrible things in the past. But, we cannot erase or eliminate events that occurred. What we can do is learn from our mistakes and educate our youth to never repeat these terrible events again. That is how we grow as a person and a country to be proud of in the future!

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