Our View: Good to see Belfield planning for future

Each week, The Press Editorial Board looks at the good, bad and ugly news that made headlines throughout our region and state.The Good Belfield begins planning for future: Whether it's improving the city's streets or deciding what path its school...

Each week, The Press Editorial Board looks at the good, bad and ugly news that made headlines throughout our region and state.
The Good

Belfield begins planning for future: Whether it’s improving the city’s streets or deciding what path its school district should take in the future, Belfield had a proactive week that could be the start of good things for the city. Belfield learned this week that the cost of its streets project will go down thanks to legislative surge funding, and the Belfield Public School district stated it was in the early stages of acquiring land where it could one day build a new school. Though the new school is still a far-away idea, it’s good sign that the community is taking advantage of the possibilities the area’s economic uptick has afforded it.
New England reaches state tournament: Despite the utterly heartbreaking defeat it suffered in Thursday night’s quarterfinals, the New England boys basketball team reaching the Class B state tournament as one of the smaller schools in the state is one of the feel-good stories of the sports season. You had a great season, Tigers.
Baron’s Vista closer to reality: The Barons Vista development in west Dickinson moved one step closer to reality on Monday when the Dickinson City Commission approved the first reading of a rezoning petition for the 282-acre project that would include affordable housing and commercial areas. While the oil slowdown has tempered Dickinson’s breakneck-paced growth, we need more areas that provide affordable housing - be it homes or apartments - because without those, the city will never be able to weather future ebbs and flows of the oil industry.
“Brunch bill” passes: A bill allowing alcohol sales before noon on Sunday at eating establishments failed in the North Dakota Senate on Thursday, but was brought back for reconsideration on Friday and passed. The bill will allow the sale of booze at 11 a.m. on Sunday - the same time places like Dickinson’s Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings and Players Sports Bar and Grill open. It’s time North Dakota moved into the 21st century and began to understand that life begins before noon on Sundays, and alcohol isn’t an evil substance out to destroy our society. The state is growing, our culture is changing and it’s not a bad thing. Not everyone goes to church on Sundays. Thank you, legislators, for understanding these antiquated law needs to be updated.
The Bad

Chancellor discussion bill makes no sense: A bill that would allow the state Board of Higher Education to discuss the hiring and firing of the North Dakota University System’s chancellor in private meetings was discussed this week. Legislators aren’t too keen on it, thankfully, and they shouldn’t be. With all the issues the NDUS has had in recent years, why would our leaders forbid the public of this? It makes no sense and deserves to be defeated.
The Ugly

Drive-by shooting attempt in Watford City: An 18-year-old Washington man has been charged with attempted murder in McKenzie County after a drive-by shooting at a Watford City trailer park that was a result of an argument with his former roommates. Dillon James Reddington, of Spokane, Wash., was allegedly assaulted by those same former roommates in January. This is inner-city style crime in small-town North Dakota and is yet another bit of evidence that major crime issues isn’t dying down along with the oil drilling slowdown.

The Dickinson Press Editorial Board consists of Publisher Harvey Brock, Managing Editor Dustin Monke and News Editor April Baumgarten.

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