Our View: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This last week's news reminded us of the 1970s Spaghetti Western film, "The Good the Bad and The Ugly." There was plenty of good happening around town. The North Dakota Petroleum Council's annual meeting was held in Dickinson, which included educ...

This last week’s news reminded us of the 1970s Spaghetti Western film, “The Good the Bad and The Ugly.” There was plenty of good happening around town. The North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting was held in Dickinson, which included educational programs for the public to help the average citizen not working in the industry gain a better understanding of the oil play and, better yet, for members of the industry to take time to answer their questions.
The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association also held its 85th annual Convention and Trade Show this week in Dickinson, giving ranchers a chance to learn how to capitalize on record-high prices and booming economy. Many topics were brought up discussing key issues that would affect producers, and they were given the opportunity to become educated and voice their opinions.
Kudos to the Petroleum Council and the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association for holding their state conventions in our town.
Saturday’s grand opening of Tractor Supply Co. is something to celebrate, along with the announcement today that Cash Wise Foods, Jimmy John’s, City Brew and Qdoba Mexican Grill are all coming to the Prairie Hills Mall. The new businesses will be a welcome addition to the dining and shopping options to our area.
Also good is that as the housing and infrastructure challenges in our area increase, along with oil tax revenues, our legislators are pushing for a critical 60/40 split to pay for the needs of booming western North Dakota.
There was bad, however. The closing of Kmart to make room for Cash Wise was bittersweet because Kmart was such a valuable piece of retail options for the area. The closing of the Bonanza Steakhouse, another longtime business, was a casualty of the crunch for employees. The closings are sad, and our city will be worse off as both go out of business.
Then there was the downright ugly news that upset and sickened us at The Press. The arrest of two individuals for operating a brothel in a townhouse surrounded by families, located in an affluent and clean residential neighborhood, and within walking distance of the new hospital, health clinics and West River Community Center.
Then in the courts there was Nathan Garber, of Kalispell, Mont., who reached a plea agreement for violations of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and for making false statements after continuing to use a saltwater disposal well despite it not undergoing a state-approved pressure test, and even after a North Dakota Industrial Commission inspector told him to stop. His actions put the drinking water of thousands at risk of contamination.
Finally, the ugliest of the ugly. Dan Pruett, who was charged of sexually assaulting an infant Thursday agreed to enter Alford pleas, in which he does not admit guilt but admits that evidence present was likely to lead to a guilty verdict.
Every week, there is good news, bad news and ugly news. This week, Dickinson and southwest North Dakota had the whole spectrum, and that’s something we need to get used to.

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