Shaw: No longer can Giuliani be admired

It's difficult to criticize someone I've long admired, but ... Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's comments about President Barack Obama were outrageous. Giuliani said, "I don't believe that the president loves America." How do you prove t...

It’s difficult to criticize someone I’ve long admired, but …
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s comments about President Barack Obama were outrageous. Giuliani said, “I don’t believe that the president loves America.” How do you prove that accusation? Exactly how would Giuliani presume to know what’s in the president’s head and heart? Giuliani’s remarks were an undignified cheap shot.
It’s too bad because Giuliani was so impressive after the tragic events of Sept. 11. He was “America’s mayor.” Giuliani inspired us after the devastating death and destruction in New York. He showed real compassion for the victims and real determination to combat terrorism.
A few years later, he came to Fargo and we had a great chat about the New York Yankees, and Fargo’s own home run king, Roger Maris. Giuliani was friendly and enthusiastic.
Too bad he’s gone over the top now. Giuliani and others should feel free to criticize the president’s actions and decisions. Very much fair game. Blast away! Meantime, I believe both ultraconservatives and ultraliberals can and do love America. There’s a lot to love.

  • Vice President Joe Biden looked very creepy with his arms on the wife of new Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. This took place while Carter was speaking after being sworn in. No matter what Biden’s intent, it was inappropriate for anyone, let alone the second in command in this country.
  • It might not be happening much, but North Dakota legislators should not be able to keep money that was donated to their campaigns. The money was not given for that purpose. A bill to change that was soundly defeated in the North Dakota House.

I’m not accusing anybody, but what’s to stop a legislator in an easy race from pocketing some of his contributions? Kind of spend what you need, and keep the rest. Definitely a potential conflict of interest. Congressmen and U.S. senators cannot keep their leftover contributions. I say give any extra money to charities.

  • Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson should keep quiet. He’s said he’s not happy with how some members of the Vikings organization treated him, and wants to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys. This comes after the Wilf family publicly said they want him playing again in Minnesota. That should have been good enough for Peterson.

Peterson should feel lucky that anyone wants him back in the NFL. He brutally beat his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. It was reprehensible and inexcusable. He was rightfully charged with felony child abuse, and rightfully forced to sit out all but one game of the 2014 season. His suspension from the league was lifted, even though Peterson amazingly acts like he’s a victim. Peterson should be put on a very short leash. If he commits any more violent acts, he should be banned for life from the NFL.

  • If you don’t like this column, it’s the fault of Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend.

Shaw is a former Fargo TV and radio news director. Email him at .

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