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Paul John Scott

Paul John Scott is the health correspondent for NewsMD and the Forum News Service. He is a novelist and was an award winning magazine journalist for 15 years prior to joining the FNS in 2019.

His areas of coverage include health care, population health, health policy, behavioral sciences, medicine, clinical trials, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, basic sciences and the social and cultural context of personal health.

He lives in Rochester with his wife, two children and Scottish Terrier.

Pronouns: He/him
Languages: English


Phone: (507) 285-7726

The falls caused 16 deaths and five times more admissions to San Diego trauma center already overloaded by COVID-19. Injuries included complex facial, pelvis and leg fractures. Patients included children and pregnant women.
Authors reviewed outcomes for over 3,000 procedures spanning two decades. Donation led to serious complications in only 2.5% all cases, and no deaths or subsequent need for missing kidney.
Clusters are of unknown origin, and not believed related to COVID-19 at this time.
Research says customers more easily swayed by personal stories of an individual medical odyssey than via traditional forms. Critics worry regulators are too responsive to media-savvy advocates, touting illness-awareness messages, platformed by powerful interests.
In a federal review, the Minneapolis-based organ procurement organization serving Minnesota and the Dakotas has fallen from a designation of "underperforming" to "failing." The organization says the slip reflects an off year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that it is expanding its clinical staff. The review is designed to shorten the nation's organ waitlists. If LifeSource remains at the same level in 2026, it will lose its certification.
Name tag role identifiers are used to offset a phenomenon in which female physicians and doctors from underrepresented communities report being mistaken, including as nurses or cleaning staff, creating demoralization, burnout and impeding diversity in medicine.
The first year of the pandemic saw an increase of 20,000 alcohol-related deaths, with spikes in summer and late winter.
Voicing his concern about the so-called "stealth omicron" sub-variant that now makes up 25% of new COVID cases in the U.S., Dr. Greg Poland cautioned that the relaxation of mitigation now underway was premature.
A new study has learned the reason that people with high body mass index (BMI) routinely under-report how many calories they eat, and it has nothing to do with lying, as is often believed. Their recommendation: doctors should stop asking about calories and start talking about food.
Agency finds those without a booster had a 3-4 times greater risk of hospitalization than fully vaccinated, while those who were not vaccinated at all faced 12 times the risk of hospitalization.