Photo Gallery: Agriculture along the Western Edge

Picturesque view of rural life of the farmstead in South Heart and Belfield.

Burly bulls at Richard Angus Ranch munch down their lunch in a feeding trough in Belfield during a mild winter day. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Photo_2 (1) (1).jpg
South Heart's water tower can be seen from Highway 10 west before entering the town. (Josiah C. Cuellar/The Dickinson Press)

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Deep into the day, as the sunlight begin to touch the horizon, a tractor sits calmly on north of the interstate of South Heart. (Josiah C. Cuellar/ The Dickinson Press)

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Cattle lay underneath the cloudy sky after enjoying some hay. (Josiah C. Cuellar/The Dickinson Press)

Emily Richard, owner of EAT.BETTER.BEEF, showcases a T-bone steak. Richard opened up her mobile retail meat business in 2020 as a way to get the producer closer to the consumer. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Josiah C. Cuellar was born in San Angelo, Texas, a small rural community in the western part of the state known for its farming, ranching and beautiful Concho River. A Texas A&M San Antonio graduate specializing in multi-media reporting, Cuellar is an award winning photographer and reporter whose work focuses on community news and sports.
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