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Business and economic news, plus interviews and perspectives from the Fargo, North Dakota metro.

Hosted by:
Thomas Evanella
Thomas Evanella
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Tammy Swift
Latest Episodes
A beer brewed with ingredients grown entirely in Clay County? Meet the hops farmer trying to make it happen.
Fri Sep 23 07:00:00 EDT 2022
John D. Peterson and his business partner, Art Weidner, own Mainline Hops Farm located near Sabin, Minn., and have supplied hops to a handful of small breweries in the region, including Junkyard Brewing and Revelation Ale Works. 

Peterson joins host Thomas Evanella to discuss the business of growing hops, the peaceful joy of operating a hobby farm, and his desire to see a beer made entirely from ingredients grown in Clay County.

A new shop adds street fashion and skate culture to downtown Fargo shopping options
Sat Sep 17 06:30:00 EDT 2022
A new small business is offering a slice of the West Coast in downtown Fargo.

Ninja Skate and Versatile Outlets opened at 413 Broadway on Monday, Aug. 22. Shop owner Angie Granheim, who grew up as a teenager in Fargo before spending a decade in Los Angeles, said her goal was to bring a piece of California culture back to the Midwest.

Reporter and host Thomas Evanella talks about the new shop and how it stands out among the Fargo metro's boutique retail options.

It costs a lot more to build a house these days, but that's not stopping buyers
Sat Sep 10 06:30:00 EDT 2022
Across the country, housing market conditions are “unlike anything the industry has ever seen.” In Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding area, construction costs more than doubled from 2020 to 2021. Buyers are undeterred. The story behind how the local housing market is plowing ahead despite national challenges.

Female entrepreneurship is sparking an economic surge in Fergus Falls, Minn.
Sat Sep 03 06:30:00 EDT 2022
Nationwide, entrepreneurship is on the rise. Since the start of the pandemic, millions of Americans have left their corporate jobs in favor of something more flexible and something that fuels their passions.

Women are at the center of that surge, and Fergus Falls — a community of around 13,000 people just a 45-minute drive from Fargo-Moorhead — exemplifies the trend.

Forum Communications Chief Content Officer Mary Jo Hotzler joins host Thomas Evanella to talk about it. 

Should your aging relative stop driving? Here's where to find help making a difficult decision
Sat Aug 27 06:30:00 EDT 2022
Many families struggle with watching a parent or grandparent lose their ability to drive safely. When should they decide to take the keys?

Reporter Tammy Swift talks with host Thomas Evanella about a recent story profiling Joy Tandberg of Dak-Minn Driving and Home Evaluations, LLC. Tandberg works with people whose driving has been affected by factors like age, injury or progressive disease and helps determine if they can still safely get behind the wheel.

Do air travel horror stories have you worried? Here's what you need to know before booking your next flight
Sat Aug 20 06:30:00 EDT 2022
We've all heard the horror stories about flights delayed for days and consumer money lost as airlines scramble to regain their footing following the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. It might make you a little shy to pull the trigger on your next big vacation.

But it's not all bad, says Kyle Potter, executive editor for The Thrifty Traveler, and there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure your next landing is a happy one.

Can we build better houses using hemp? A Fargo company is trying to find out.
Sat Aug 13 05:30:00 EDT 2022
We've seen hemp used in a variety of products like lotions and foodstuffs, but a Fargo company is promoting something different: hemp as a construction material.

The company, Grass Roots Development, recently built two tiny houses to help demonstrate and study the benefits of "hempcrete," a product made by mixing hemp fibers with lime and water. Hempcrete is about the consistency of chicken salad and was poured into forms to construct the walls of the houses. Once it cures, it will provide better energy efficiency and moisture control, the company claims.

Sydney Glup of Grass Roots Development joins the podcast to talk about hempcrete and what the company hopes to accomplish with their new demonstration.

Are you grossed out by your stanky garbage bin? This local business has a cure
Fri Jul 29 10:30:00 EDT 2022
Bee Fresh Bin Sanitation officially kicked off on May 31, the last day of school. Since then, the fluorescent yellow-and-black trailer can be spotted buzzing around the metro area to rinse, power-wash, disinfect and deodorize garbage receptacles around the F-M area.

Keith Urlacher of Bee Fresh joins host Thomas Evanella to talk about the dirty business of bin cleaning.

How small town North Dakota woman Dot Henke turned her pretzel recipe into a billion dollar business...and why she sold
Fri Jul 22 16:28:35 EDT 2022
Dot Henke was a small town woman living in Velva, North Dakota. A farm girl from the start, Henke knew some things about hard work. Find out how this notoriously low-key, media-shy, down-to-earth Midwestern woman turned her pretzel recipe into a mind-blowing business deal that ended in a $1.2 billion sale. 

Affordable child care isn't just good for families. It's good for business, too
Sat Jul 16 06:30:00 EDT 2022
Affordable, high-quality child care is something of a premium commodity in the Fargo area, as young families struggle with long waiting lists and high costs.

But that isn't just an issue for those who count on quality care to help their families function. It's also an issue for the employers that would hire them.

Robin Nelson, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley, joins host Tammy Swift for this episode to talk about the issue of child care access and how it has ripple effects across our local economy.