Prairie Rose hosts 2nd grade nonfiction writing expo

Parents participate in the Prairie Rose Elementary School nonfiction expo, Friday. (Kayla Henson / The Dickinson Press)

Parents and 2nd graders crowded the cafeteria of Prairie Rose Elementary School, Friday, for the school's annual writing expo.

The expo concludes the second grade's nonfiction writing unit, in which students in all four second grade classrooms created nonfiction fiction books that they shared with parents at the expo.

"The kids pick something that they feel they are an expert on and they write about it," said Mandy Lubken, teacher. "They do a little bit of research on it to gather more facts, and then they also incorporate text features that we’ve learned. They make a glossary, headings, captions and table of contents, so it incorporates some of those reading things that we’re learning as well. Kids also learn how to compartmentalize and put certain facts within certain headings. They learn how to organize data. It’s some pretty high-level skills for students of this age, so we like to celebrate that."

Parents visit with their child as well as the other children, asking them questions, which are provided by the staff, about their books.

"Children at this age sometimes aren’t as forthcoming with just saying what’s in it, so it’s to help and do some dialogue between the people coming and the child, to help get them talking about what’s in their story," Lubken said. "Sometimes it’s hard for them to read to somebody they don’t know. Most of them are just answering some of the questions like ‘Tell me what your favorite fact is. Show me your favorite picture. What’s some words in your glossary?’"


The cafeteria was packed.

"Every year we do this, and it’s nice we have this big of a turnout every year ... It’s nice that this many people take time out of their day to see us," Lubken said. "We’re really proud of them, and we like to show everybody what our little friends can do."

Kayla Henson is a former Dickinson Press reporter.
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