Routine traffic stop turns into hefty drug bust

Dunn-Brief 10.01_mughsot.jpg
James A. Langley Jr. was pulled over on 9/26 in a routine traffic stop near Killdeer, ND. After investigating, Dunn County Sheriffs found a plethora of drugs, small, plastic baggies and digital scales in his semi-truck. Photo courtesy of the Dunn County Sheriff's Department.

During what appeared to be a routine traffic stop on Highway 22 just south of Killdeer, turned into a major bust for the Southwest Narcotics Task Force last Thursday, September 26.

Dunn County Sheriffs, who are part of the Task Force, pulled over one James A. Langley Jr. for a simple, moving violation near mile 98 of HW 22 . Through further investigation, the officers, believing that Langley might be holding narcotics on his semi, called for additional assistance from the SW Narcotics Task Force.

According to a press release from the Narcotics Task Force, upon arriving, the agency found that Langley was “in possession of over 110 grams of methamphetamine, over 40 grams of Cocaine, a liquid substance that tested positive for Fentanyl, a bundle of small baggies, as well as an assortment of methamphetamine paraphernalia such as smoking devices.”

“The estimated street value of the narcotics seized is approximately $15,000,” the statement continued.

In addition to the slew of felonies pertaining to the drug and paraphernalia charges, Langley also added several misdemeanor indictments to his criminal wrap sheet, including Driving under the Influence (Class B misdemeanor), Refusal of chemical test (Class B misdemeanor), Disobedience of judicial order (Class A misdemeanor), as well as Preventing arrest (Class A misdemeanor).

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