There were some things he liked and didn’t like, but Dickinson State head wrestling coach Justin Schlecht said he got a good feel for where his team is with the first meet of the season.

Eight Blue Hawks placed in the top eight during the Viking-Warrior Open, hosted by Midland University, Saturday in Fremont, Neb.

“We obviously have work to do,” Schlecht said. “There are some adjustments to make, but we’ve got a group that is ready to go, and they’ve done a good job of adjusting.”

Taylor Hodel at 165 pounds and Lane Oversen at 184 pounds were runners-up in their respective divisions. Jon Solano was third at 184 pounds, while Hudson Buck was fourth at 197. There were no matches for fifth through eighth. However, Schlecht said Deshun Haynes at 125 pounds and Seth Ehlang at 149 would’ve been in the fifth- and sixth-place matches, while Brice Gorsline at 125 pounds and Nick Dekalb at 174 would’ve competed for seventh and eighth in their respective divisions.

“They’re just wrestling well right out of the gate,” Schlecht said. We obviously have some changes to make and adjustments to make. It was a good evaluation tool, which was what we’re looking for. It’s a good chance to fine tune some things and get better.”

Results Saturday

Dickinson State at Viking - Warrior Open

125: Champ. Round 2 - Brice Gorsline, DSU, dec. Jaelynn Gay, Baker, 3-2; Quarterfinal - Adrian Gaines, Oklahoma City University, tech. fall Gorsline, DSU, 18-2; Cons. Round 4 - Gorsline, DSU, win by injury default; Cons. Round 5 - Deshun Haynes, DSU, dec.  Gorsline, 5-2

125: Champ. Round 2 - Tim Prescott, SCSU, tech fall Deshun Haynes, DSU, 21-3; Cons. Round 3 - Haynes, DSU, fall Rocky Krueger, Bethany, 4:55; Cons. Round 4 - Deshun Haynes DSU dec. Hugo Perez, Midland, Dec. 3-2; Cons. Round 5 - Deshun Haynes DSU, dec. Brice Gorsline, DSU, dec. 5-2; Cons. Semi - Mitch Maginnis, Nebraska, dec. Deshun Haynes, DSU, dec. 5-3.

133:Champ. Round 1 - Eric Coufal, Nebraska, dec. Anthony Locke, DSU, Dec. 4-1; Cons. Round 1 - Anthony Locke, DSU, maj. dec. Thomas Miller, OCU, Maj. 12-3; Cons. Round 2 - Parker Bohannan, OCU, dec. Anthony Locke, DSU, dec. 7-2.

133: Champ. Round 1: Ryan Bauer, Nebraska-Kearney, fall, Michael Pajaro, DSU, 2:20; Cons. Round 1 - Ty Kolterman, Bethany, dec. Michael Pajaro, DSU, 6-5.

141: Champ. Round 1 - Jacob Berg, DSU, bye; Champ. Round 2 - Bryce Shoemaker, Nebraska-Kearney, fall, Jacob Berg, DSU, 3:32; Cons. Round 2 - Deven Donais, Augustana, forfeit, Jacob Berg, DSU.

141: Champ. Round 1 - Torren Lawson, DSU, bye; Champ. Round 2 - Travis Swanson, SCSU, tech. fall, Torren Lawson, DSU, 16-0; Cons. Round 2 - Joe Fischenich, Augustana, dec. Torren Lawson, DSU, 7-3.

141: Champ. Round 1 - Keith Surber, Nebraska-Kearney, fall, Jordan Delp, DSU, 3:17; Cons. Round 1 - Cooper Bailey, Concordia, dec. Jordan Delp, DSU, 8-1.

141: Champ. Round 1 - James Landoll, OCU, fall, Marshall Swanson, DSU, 5:00; Cons. Round 1 - Marshall Swanson, DSU, bye; Cons. Round 2 - Marshall Swanson, DSU, fall, Brett LaBudda, Nebraska-Kearney, 3:54; Cons. Round 3 - Collin Purinton, Nebraska, fall, Marshall Swanson, DSU, 3:54.

149: Champ. Round 1 - John Daniel, SCSU, dec. Pat Tangen, DSU, 13-10; Cons. Round 1 - Pat Tangen, DSU, bye; Cons. Round 2 - Derek Miller, Grandview, fall, Pat Tangen, DSU, 2:32.

149: Champ. Round 1 - Seth Ehlang, DSU, bye; Champ. Round 2 - Seth Ehlang, DSU, maj. dec. Walker Johnson, Nebraska-Kearney, 14-2; Quarterfinal - Jay Hildreth, SCSU, maj. dec. Seth Ehlang, DSU, 13-2; Cons. Round 4 - Seth Ehlang, DSU, fall Eric Ambriz, OCU, 2:50; Cons. Round 5 - Seth Ehlang, DSU, dec.  Josh Wenger, Grandview, 4-3; Cons. Semi - Tyrell Galloway, Nebraska, dec. Seth Ehlang, DSU, 3-2.

165: Champ. Round 1 - Taylor Hodel, DSU, fall, Josh Berg, SCSU, 3:15; Champ. Round 2 - Taylor Hodel, DSU, maj. dec. Devin Aguirre, Nebraska-Kearney, 12-4); Quarterfinal - Taylor Hodel, DSU, maj. dec. Zach Davis, Briar Cliff, 13-4; Semifinal - Taylor Hodel, DSU, dec. Joe Cornejo, Mud Dogs), 4-3; 1st Place Match - Clint Poster, SCSU, dec. Taylor Hodel, DSU, 3-0.

165: Champ. Round 1 - Cole Bilbrey, DSU, bye; Champ. Round 2 - Clint Poster, SCSU, fall, Cole Bilbrey, DSU, 1:19; Cons. Round 2 - Josh Berg, SCSU, fall, Cole Bilbrey, DSU, 1:05.

174: Champ. Round 1 - Nick Dekalb, DSU, fall, Tucker Ksiazek, Grandview, 3:30; Champ. Round 2 - Tyler McMichael, Midland University, fall, Nick Dekalb, DSU, 3:45; Cons. Round 2 - Nick Dekalb, DSU, fall, Ja`mon Cotton, Nebraska-Kearney, 1:33; Cons. Round 3 - Nick Dekalb, DSU, fall, Travian Cooke, Concordia, 1:08; Cons. Round 4 - Nick Dekalb, DSU, fall, Asiah Dyer, Midland University, 1:06; Cons. Round 5 - Lawton Benna, Grandview, fall, Nick Dekalb, DSU, 4:23.

174: Champ. Round 1 - Jason Armitage, DSU, bye; Champ. Round 2 - Calvin Ochs, Nebraska-Kearney, fall, Jason Armitage, DSU, 1:15; Cons. Round 2 - Lawton Benna, Grandview, fall, Jason Armitage, DSU, 4:08.

184: Champ. Round 1 - Jon Solano, DSU, fall, Quinton Swanberg, Midland University, 2:01; Quarterfinal - Chevy Farris, SCSU, dec. Jon Solano, DSU, 3-0; Cons. Round 2 - Jon Solano, DSU, fall, Mike Lambert, Nebraska-Kearney, 0:58; Cons. Round 3 - Jon Solano, DSU, maj. dec. Garret Miller, SCSU, 8-0; Cons. Semi - Jon Solano, DSU, injury, Uthman Rabiu, SCSU, 0:00; 3rd Place Match - Jon Solano, DSU, injury Chevy Farris, SCSU, 0:00.

184: Champ. Round 1 - Lane Oversen, DSU, SV-1 dec. Garret Miller, SCSU, 3-1; Quarterfinal - Lane Oversen, DSU, dec. Damonte Stogner, Grandview, 4-0; Semifinal - Lane Oversen, DSU, injury, Uthman Rabiu, SCSU, 0:00; 1st Place Match - Matthew Atwood, Concordia, fall, Lane Oversen, DSU, 2:19.

197: Champ. Round 1 - Hudson Buck, DSU, dec. Trae Story, SCSU, 6-2; Champ. Round 2 - Hudson Buck, DSU, dec. Derrick Hawkins, Grandview, 3-1; Quarterfinal - Sterling Terry, Mud Dogs, dec. Hudson Buck, DSU, 6-4; Cons. Round 4 - Hudson Buck, DSU, fall, Jordan Watkins, Briar Cliff, 1:03; Cons. Round 5 - Hudson Buck, DSU, maj. dec. Ken Burkhardt Jr, Concordia, 15-7; Cons. Semi - Hudson Buck, DSU, dec. Johnathen Dennis, Grandview, 12-10; 3rd Place Match - Miguel Tovar, OCU, forfeit, Hudson Buck, DSU.

285: Champ. Round 1 - Trevor Conrad, DSU, dec. Aaron Griffith, Nebraska-Kearney, 5-0; Champ. Round 2 - Trevor Conrad, DSU, dec. Maury Lemons, Midland University, 5-3; Quarterfinal - Austin Goergen, SCSU, fall, Trevor Conrad, DSU, 3:14; Cons. Round 4 - David Jensen, Nebraska, dec. Trevor Conrad, DSU, 9-3.