As a local journalist, walking through the doors of your employer is typically the only certainty you're guaranteed of on any given day. Once you walk through those doors, you never know what lies ahead.

This was especially the case for FOX 26-TV Houston reporter John Donnelly on Wednesday, March 1.

In a "man on the street" interview, Peterson can be heard responding to a question that was previously asked by Donnelly.

Donnelly, in typical reporter fashion, then wraps up the interview saying, "your name?"

"Adrian Peterson," Peterson replied.

After some awkward pauses, Donnelly gathered himself and replied, "you're not..."

"Yeah," Peterson responded, knowing that Donnelly had heard of the name, but wasn't quite sure if it was acutally thee Adrian Peterson, a Minnesota Viking legend and current free agent.

Donnelly, after finally coming to the realization that he had just unknowingly interview one of the greatest running backs of all time, reached out his arm and shared a laugh with Peterson.

After the awkwardness was over, Donnelly and Peterson posed for a picture which Donnelly captioned: "That moment when you are doing man on the street interviews and you run into a celebrity. Adrian Peterson was so gracious. I'm even more of a fan now!"

Just another day at the office for a local journalist.