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High school athlete of the week - Alexa Walby

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Alexa Walby, a junior setter on the Dickinson Trinity volleyball team, earned her 2000th career assist in the Titan's 3-1 win over Killdeer on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Walby earned 42 assists on the day and also contributed eight digs.

DP: What does 2,000 career assists mean to you?

AW: "It's such a team thing. I'm can't do my job without my passers and without my hitters being so aggressive so I really owe it all to my team and my coaches. My coaches are amazing, so it was a really cool moment for all of us."

DP: How long have you been playing volleyball and what do you enjoy most about it?

AW: "My mom was a volleyball official and I've been playing since I could walk. I started playing games when I was a fifth grader. It's my favorite sport, it means the world to me."

DP: What are some other activities you're involved with at school?

AW: "I'm part of student council, I'm part of prom committee. School's fun for me, we have a lot of really cool teachers at Trinity."

DP: What's your favorite class?

AW: "I really enjoy art. I think drawing class is my favorite. It's really relaxing and it's just a nice environment."

DP: What do you like to do outside of school and sports?

AW: "I love reading, I'm kind of a nerd that way, and I like to play guitar."

DP: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

AW: "That's a very hard question because I love food. I'd have to go with pizza because you can do all kinds of different things with pizzas."

DP: If you could have one superpower what would it be?

AW: "I would (want to) be able to fly because I love heights and I think that'd be so cool to do, to fly."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

AW: "My mom has been (my biggest inspiration to succeed). She's amazing. She's a teacher and she's officiated volleyball. She's been my biggest mentor and she's just always there for me whenever I need her."