Brady Yoder, a sophomore on the Dickinson High cross country team, collected his third victory of the season at the Mandan Kiwanis Invite on Saturday, Sept. 8 from the Mandan Municipal Golf Course. Competing in a field of 139 runners, Yoder crossed the finish line with a time of 16 minutes, 3.41 seconds, more than 11 second faster than the event runner-up. On Wednesday, Sept. 5, Yoder vaulted to No. 1 in the Class A in a NDAPSSA poll.

DP: What has been the key factors to your early season success?

BY: "I think a lot of it just comes back to summer training and really building the best base I could to really set myself up to have a good start to the season, but also leaving a lot of potential up for the end of the season."

DP: What goals do you have for this season?

BY: "I think I really want to try and be a state champion this year and hopefully our team can get a good place here at the state (meet) also."

DP: What is like being ranked as the top runner in Class A

BY: "It means a lot, you know. You see a lot of guys that were ranked No. 1 before and they were really awesome to watch. Just being in the spot that they were, it's really cool."

DP: When did you begin competing in cross country and what do you most enjoy about it?

BY: "I was in cross country in seventh grade, but I did football and cross country, so I didn't really run that much or was even at practice that much. Mainly in the eighth grade was more of a commitment. I just kind of like the effort you have to put into it. There's a lot you got to do and just a lot of different little things involved that aren't physical; there's a lot of mental preparation and the mental toughness it takes to do as well as you'd want in a race."

DP: If there's one particular food you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

BY: "I'm probably just going to go with spaghetti, kind of an all-around food with a little bit of carbs in there too for running."

DP: Who is your celebrity crush

BY: "I'm gonna go with Emma Coburn, she's a runner."

DP: What is the best television show or movie that you've watched recently?

BY: "For sure the The Office, you know. I watch that all of the time."

DP: Instagram or Snapchat?

BY: "I'm gonna go Snapchat."

DP: Country Music or Hip Hop?

BY: "It depends. If I'm getting ready for a race, then I got to go with hip hop and get ready. But if I'm just normally listening to music, probably country."

DP: Xbox or Playstation?

BY: "Playstation, no doubt."

DP: Who has been the biggest inspiration for you to succeed?

BY: "Probably my sister."