Farrah Zeller, a senior on the Dickinson Trinity volleyball team, was instrumental in the Titans' 3-1 victory over Center-Stanton during the Fifth-Place match of the North Dakota Class B State Volleyball Tournament. She led all players with 21 digs and four aces while also contributing 10 kills and an assist. Through three tournament matches, Zeller ranked up 17 kills, 46 digs, five aces and an assist.

DP: What did it mean to you to finish your volleyball career with a win at state?

FZ: "Even after our first game, that was kind of a tough loss, it was just really nice to come back right away and win those last two games. Especially as a senior and having nine seniors on a team, it really did mean a lot to all of us.

DP: What did it mean to you to be a part of this Dickinson Trinity volleyball program?

FZ: "This program meant the world to me, the best experience of my life. I couldn't ask for better teammates, better coaches, and just all the memories I'm never going to forget."

DP: When did you start playing volleyball and what do you most like about it?

FZ: "I started playing volleyball when I was in fifth grade. My favorite part about it is just being part of a team and just the culture of it, and getting a good dig or a good hit is just the best feeling ever."

DP: What other school activities do you participate in?

FZ: "I'm in track, choir, and Leadership Dickinson."

DP: Who is your funniest teammate?

FZ: "My funniest teammate is probably Kelbi Jacobson. She definitely has a wild personality and always knows how to make us laugh."

DP: Who was your favorite athlete going up?

FZ: "My favorite athlete growing up was probably Shawn Johnson. She was a gymnast, I use to be in gymnastics for seven years before I even started basketball or anything, so that had nothing to do with volleyball."

DP: What is your favorite song?

FZ: "My favorite song is 'Yours' by Russell Dickerson.


DP: If you could eat one for the rest of your life, what would it be?

FZ: "If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be pasta."

DP: What is best tv show or movie that you've watched recently?

FZ: "The best tv show that I've watched recently, oh gosh, I don't really watch tv. But I have to say 'Vampire Diaries.'"

DP: "Do you have a celebrity crush?

FZ: "My celebrity crush would have to be Shawn Mendes cause I love singers."

DP: Snapchat or Instagram?

FZ: "Instagram."

DP: Coke or Pepsi?

FZ: "I don't drink pop, so neither."

DP: Country music or Hip Hop?

FZ: "Country music."

DP: "Volleyball or any other sport?

FZ: "Volleyball."

DP: If you could lose two of your senses, what would they be?

FZ: "Two of them? My smell and not taste, because I love food. Probably my hearing."

DP: Who is your biggest influence to this point?

FZ: "My biggest influence would probably have to be my dad. He always knows what to say after I have a bad game and not matter what, he's always been there to support me."