In the quickest race of the night, Dickinson freshman Aiden Healy swam faster than ever before.

Whizzing through the water in the 50-yard freestyle, Healy stopped the clock at 27.57 seconds, good for a first-place finish.

He was one of Midgets victories as the Dickinson boys swim and dive team fell to Williston 118-60 in a dual on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at the West River Community Center.

Healy celebrated the win by high-fiving a few friends and saying "career highlight."

"I was on the block and I wasn't super focused on my own time. I wanted to win it. I wanted to put it in the books for (senior) Isaac (Ellerkamp)," Healy said. "He's been a mentor for me. He taught me how to be a leader in a swimming environment and showed me that being on the swim team is more than a team, it's a brotherhood. ... I came up, we hugged, and I said, 'This is for you, man.'"

Healy and freshman teammate Casey Tuhy, who finished second, faced one of the worst things a swimmer or sprinter can encounter: a restart. After the official stated "Take your mark," she asked the racers to stand up on their blocks again, completely disrupting their adrenaline and focus.

"It kind of feels like TV static, where it's the only thing you can think about and you're just kind of deadlocked," Healy said of the moments leading up to a race. "I get up there and feels like you switched the channel and it instantly goes off. I had to get the static back; then it feels like you're flying the rest of the way."

Competing in his final meet at home, senior Isaac Ellerkamp swam strong in his swan song, earning first place in the 100-yard breaststroke. He closed out the night as the last leg in the final race, the 400 freestyle relay.

Tuhy held a lead for most of his time in the pool, but through Tuhy's last 25 yards, Williston gained nearly a body-length advantage. Ellerkamp exploded off the blocks and when he emerged from the water, he was even with Coyotes closer Reese Holder.

Despite slamming his foot off the side of the pool while turning into his final 50, Ellerkamp took the lead, helping the Midgets win the event with a time of 4:05.93. The sole senior on the squad also earned second in the 100-yard butterfly.

"Before the race, I said keep it in the headlock and I'll finish it off, and that's what we did," Ellerkamp said. "We were pretty prepared for it, I think, especially not having three of our best swimmers. We performed really well, and I'm proud of our guys."

The team was without the presence of Taven and Dawson Wilson as well as Mason Beck, all who are in Washington, D.C., for a Relay for Life trip.

A pair of Midgets did well in the longest race of the night as well, with freshman Trent Irwin cutting six seconds off his personal-best time in the 500 freestyle to earn second place at 5:49.67. Behind him, Tuhy placed fourth with a time of 6:03.38, 11 seconds faster than his previous best time.

"Both best times ever for those two," Dickinson head coach McKenzie Steckler said. "Those were really exciting and great swims. I'm hoping those two will continue to drop it down. They both have state in their sights, and that's what their goal is."

Irwin, Ellerkamp, Tuhy and seventh-grader Deniz Kilic combined to finish second in the 200 freestyle relay, with Ellerkamp closing it out with a 24.91 second split.

"I'm excited that he was able to go out the way he did," Steckler said. "Having a great butterfly and breaststroke, along with his legs in the relay. Hitting that 24 mark in the 50 for the 200 free relay, he was super excited about that. The whole team was behind him. It was a great Parents Night and great to celebrate him as a senior."

Team scores: 1, Williston 118. 2, Dickinson 60.

50 freestyle: 1, Aiden Healy, D, 27.57. 2, Casey Tuhy, D, 27.75. 3, Zach Morenski, W, 27.97. 6, Kadin Barth, D, 40.02.

100 backstroke: 1, Tyler Jorgenson, W, 1:05.41. 3, Detric Coleman, D, 1:15.61. 5, Deniz Kilic, D, 1:29.16.

100 breaststroke: 1, Isaac Ellerkamp, D, 1:09.78. 2, Luca Beretta, W, 1:14.42. 3, Jackson Metcalf, D, 1:22.56. 5, Luke Heiser, D, 1:58.04.

100 butterfly: 1, Rhys Enget, W, 56.52. 2, Ellerkamp, D, 1:03.52. 4, Connor Devero, D, 1:40.32.

100 freestyle: 1, Jorgenson, W, 55.15. 3, Healy, D, 1:05.46. 5, Heiser, D, 1:29.25. 6, Barth, D, 1:36.24.

200 freestyle: 1, Jonathan Babcock, W, 2:01.6. 4, Coleman, D, 2:36.57. 5, Kilic, D, 2:41.12. 6, Metcalf, D, 2:44.51.

200 individual medley: 1, Enget, W, 2:13.2. 3, Trent Irwin, D, 2:36.91.

200 medley relay: 1, Williston 1:50.99. 3, Dickinson A (Coleman, Metcalf, Healy, Devero), 2:09.31. 4, Dickinson B (Hunter Peterson, Kilic, Aiden Rothstein, Barth), 2:58.56.

500 freestyle: 1, Elijah Willardson, W, 5:34.13. 2, Irwin, D, 5:49.67. 4, Tuhy, D, 6:03.38.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Williston 1:41.69. 2, Dickinson A (Irwin, Kilic, Tuhy, Ellerkamp), 1:53.83. 4, Dickinson B (Peterson, Barth, Heiser, Rothstein), 2:47.01.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Dickinson A (Irwin, Coleman, Tuhy, Ellerkamp), 4:05.93. 2, Williston 4:07.85. 4, Dickinson B (Healy, Metcalf, Heiser, Devero), 5:10.37.

1-meter diving: 1, Christian Pfau, W, 190.7. 2, Josh Reeb, W, 146.8.