Jaya Allen, a sophomore on the Dickinson State softball team, aided her squad both on the mound and at the plate, helping them go 4-2 in the final week of the regular season.

Over a pair of games against Presentation College (S.D.) and a four-game series at Mayville State, Allen threw 21 ⅔ innings, allowing five runs on 20 hits. She struck out 26 batters, hit two and walked one. At the plate, she went 6-for-13, including two home runs, three runs scored and seven RBIs.

DP: Where are you from and why did you choose Dickinson State?

JA: "I'm from Spokane, Washington and I chose Dickinson State because of the team atmosphere and the academics."

DP: How long have you been playing softball and what do you most enjoy about it?

JA: "I played baseball for a long time, but I've been playing softball for like nine years now. The part I enjoy about it most is the team atmosphere and getting along and hanging out with my team."

DP: What is your major?

JA: "Psychology."

DP: Do you participate in anything else on campus?

JA: "Nope, softball's it."

DP: What pitches can you throw?

JA: "I throw a rise ball, a drop ball, a curveball, a changeup, a screwball and a fastball."

DP: How do you maintain the balance of pitching and batting well every week?

JA: "It's kind of difficult at times, but you just have to go into practice and focus on individual things and just work on it hard."

DP: Who is your favorite athlete?

JA: "Aaron Judge. ... just 'cause he hits bombs."

DP: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JA: "Definitely, mac and cheese."

DP: If you had to vacation one spot, where would it be?

JA: "Probably, Hawaii."

DP: What is the best show or movie you've watched recently?

JA: "The Walking Dead."

DP: What is your spirit animal?

JA: "Probably a Tiger."

DP: Who, or what, is your biggest inspiration to succeed?

JA: "Definitely, my parents. They've always been there for me, always encourage me and always want the best for me."