BISMARCK - Originally set to take place from the Biesiot Activities Center, the West Region track and field meet was moved to the MDU Resources Community Bowl due to suboptimal weather in Dickinson.

And while temperatures in the state capital were warm enough to complete the meet on Friday, May 17, the conditions occasionally posed a mighty obstacle at the postseason gathering.

As a result, the Dickinson High girls track and field team earned lower marks in some events that it is usually strong in. Still, the Midgets had a number of highlights en route to a fifth-place team finish with 66 points.

"The weather wasn't great, but at this point of the year, we can't let that affect us and I thought today, we competed really well," Dickinson High girls head coach John Tuchscherer said. We had some really good performances, some people place in maybe some events we weren't expecting, so that's always a good thing this time of the year."

Girls from Dickinson nabbed two regional championships.

In the first field event of the day, senior Gabby Jung leapt a height of four feet, 11 inches in the high jump, exactly half a foot shorter than a mark she made four days prior when the skies were much kinder at the WDA Last Chance Meet. However, her number still held up to win the event.

"I tried to get a good warm-up in, tried to stay loose," Jung said. "On 4-9 and 4-11, I cleared them pretty easily, so I thought I was going to do well, but it started to get colder and a little windy when I started 5-1. My first attempt wasn't great. Tried to fix some things, and then my last two attempts just weren't good enough to clear."

Mother Nature had its largest impact in the two other jumping events. Juniors Ryan Campbell and Madison Lindley were the two best Midget performers, tying for 11th in the long jump with a mark of 15-05.5. Meanwhile in the triple jump, senior Meghan Ackerman captured ninth with a leap of 33-11. Ackerman's jump was well off her result on Monday, when she set the school record in the triple jump with a distance of 37-04, but much like Jung, she found early success as she won the pole vault at a height of 10-3. At the end of the meet, Ackerman was named runner-up senior athlete of the year.

The Midgets had their best overall success in the pole vault, as senior Addie Kuehl finished fourth and junior Teandra Schneider followed in fifth. With a vault of 9-3, Schneider qualified for the state meet.

Yoder, Grove impress at WDA

The Dickinson High boys track and field team also had some bright spots in the pole vault as well, even if its best competitor left a little on the table.

Junior Jacob Steckler has been a fraction away from qualifying in the event, putting up a mark of 12-00 in his best attempt earlier in the season. On Friday, he could only muster a mark of 11-00, but thanks to a fifth-place finish, Steckler will have a chance to redeem himself at the state meet. It may not have been how he wanted to get there, but he's still excited for his first opportunity in the big meet.

"It feels pretty cool, I didn't get anywhere near what I wanted today, but we'll see if we can change that next week," Steckler said. "It's just a cold day and I kind of just let it get in my head. Hopefully we can go change that next week.

"It would've been nice to vault 12-6, but it will be alright."

Sophomore Ethan Rixen also qualified in the pole vault after placing sixth. His points helped the Midgets capture seventh with a total of 50 points.

Coupled with a victory in girls competition, Bismarck Century swept the WDA meet as the boys collected 184 points, followed by Bismarck Legacy with 136 points.

On the girls side, the Patriots totaled 160.5 points while the Sabers were in second again, with 125 points.

Impressive on the track all second, sophomore Brady Yoder kept his pace in the 1,600-meter run, taking the win with a time of 4 minutes, 33.29 seconds. Yoder also helped the Midgets in the 4x400 relay, teaming with Rixen, freshman Quentin Lewis and sophomore Mustafa Taylor to take third after crossing the stripe in 3:37.19. With the result, the Midgets have qualified for every relay race.

Taylor was also solid in his races, finishing fifth in the 100, and third in the 200.

On the field, senior Ethan Grove posted Dickinson's best mark in the shot put. With a throw that traveled 49-10, which was not only good enough for sixth but earned him a spot at state on distance. Grove entered the day on the outside looking in, but he can safely say he's going to state.

"I came to practice on Tuesday and I was throwing pretty good. I just kept making sure I wasn't going too hard in the weight room, just relaxing," Grove said. "Yesterday, I threw three of those 49's, so it ended up paying off, I'm pretty happy about it."

"All it was was holding it a little bit differently in my hand and throwing it as hard as I can."

West Region Meet

Boys team scores: 1, Bismarck Century, 184. 2, Bismarck Legacy, 136. 3, Bismarck High, 97. 4, Mandan, 68. 5, Minot, 68. 6, Williston, 58. 7, Dickinson, 50. 8, Bismarck St. Mary's, 41. 9, Jamestown, 41. 10, Watford City, 5. 11, Turtle Mountain, 2.

100: 1, Calob Larson, BL, 10.90. 5, Mustafa Taylor, D, 11.44. 10, Nathaniel Frimpong, D, 11.61. T28, Jacob Sherer, D, 12.05. 35, Alex Praus, D, 12.45.

200: 1, Larson, BL, 22.32. 3, Taylor, D, 22.75. 22, Sherer, D, 24.64. 34, Praus, D, 25.84.

400: 1, Larson, BL, BL, 48.91. 25, Elijah Hoerner, D, 59.20.

800: 1, Preston Wachter, BH, 2:00.74. 10, Aiden Jung, D, 2:05.15.

1,600: 1, Brady Yoder, D, 4:33.29. 2, Sean Korsmo, BH, 4:35.36.

3,200: 1, Korsmo, BH, 9:58.63. 18, Griffin Obrigewitch, D, 11:25.07.

110 hurdles: 1, Brock Johnson, BC, 15.14. 14, Selle, D, 18.68.

300 hurdles: 1, Cullen Curl, BSM, 39.67. 23, Selle, D, 48.96. 24, Jack Homiston, D, 49.92.

400 relay: 1, Bismarck Legacy (Patrick Doan, Larson, TJ Seidel, Jacob Hudson), 43.62. 6, Dickinson (Taylor, Sherer, Lewis, Frimpong), 45.35.

800 relay: 1, Bismarck Century (Bryce Auck, Grant Anderson, Ben Mayer, Caleb Monger), 1:33.87. 7, Dickinson (Sherer, Frimpong, Ethan Rixen, Praus), 1:39.91.

1,600 relay: 1, Bismarck Century (Sam Honeyman, Dawson Shirley, Seth Kalberer, Ibrahim Oduong), 3:31.98. 3, Dickinson (Yoder, Rixen, Lewis, Taylor), 3:37.19.

3,200 relay: 1, Williston (Micade Shumway, Wil Olson, Fynn Krenz, Gavin Jorgenson), 8:17.30. 7, Dickinson (Jung, Quentin Lewis, Hoerner, Obrigewitch), 9:00.48.

High jump: 1, Brayden Brown, BC, 6-03. 7, Jayden Hocker, D, J5-10.

Pole vault: 1, Jake German, BH, 12-06. 5, Jacob Steckler, D, 11-00. 6, Rixen, D, 10-06. 7, Jack Homiston, D, J-10-06.

Long jump: 1, Doan, BL, 20-11.50. 15, Hocker, D, 18-03. 25, Frimpong, D, 17-11.75. 26, Jevon Kreidt, D, 17-04.5. 34, Ethan Blotske, D, 16-05.5.

Triple jump: 1, Brad Treiber, Ma., 42-05. 11, Kriedt, D, 39-01.21, Hocker, D, 35-11.5. 26, Blotske, D, 34-04.5. 28, Sebastian Weidner, D, 33-10.

Shot put: 1, Nathan Kraft, BC, 54-04. 6, Ethan Grove, D, 49-10. 10, Matthew Painter, D, 46-09. 22, Evan Showalter, D, 41-05. 26, Fox Weiler, D, 40-08. 33, Peyton Hanson, D, 37-09.

Discus: 1, N. Kraft, BC, 159-01. 7, Grove, D, 130-03. 8, Hanson, D, 130-01. 14, Trevor Hirnning, D, 123-06. 20, Paintner, D, 119-11. 32, Showalter, D, 101-09.

Javelin: 1, Matt Kraft, BL, 194-02. 12, Matthew Painter, 144-08. 19, Remington Schatz, D, 135-08. 20, Tallon Klatt, D, 135-07. 22, Brandon Krebs, D, 134-01. 33, Taik Larson, D, 116-08.

Girls team scores: 1, Bismarck Century, 160.5. 2, Bismarck Legacy, 125. 3, Bismarck High, 121. 4, Minot, 70. 5, Dickinson, 66. 6, Jamestown, 64. 7, Mandan, 61. 8, Watford City, 47.5. 9, Williston, 21. 10, Bismarck St. Mary's, 4.

100: 1, Brooklyn Buchholz, BC, 12.35. 22, Jordan Reger, D, 13.73. 25, Staci Kempenich, D, 13.85. 29, Hannah Vannatta, D, 14.19.

200: 1, Buchholz, BC, 26.32. 2, 19, Brooke Ott, D, 28.90. T24, Kempenich, D, 29.51. 26, Reger, D, 29.59. 28, Vannatta, D, 30.05.

400: 1, Kaydee Wescom, BL, 58.34. 14, Mattilyn Biel, D, 1:05.16. 16, Claire Kreidt, D, 1:06.20.

800: 1, Erin Palmer, BC, 2:17.68. 9, Macy Leiss, D, 2:35.90. 11, Symone Beld, D, 2:38.88. 14, Delaynee Zubke, D, 2:40.91. 17, Raghyn Murphy, D, 2:44.60.

1,600: 1, Meghan Ford, J, 5:08.36.

3,200: 1, Ford, J, 10:59.91.

100 hurdles: 1, Ann Rader, BC, 16.08. 5, Peyton Selle, D, 16.53.

300 hurdles: 1, Hannah Dschaak, BC, 47.92. 2, Selle, D, 49.33.

400 relay: 1, Bismarck Century (Dschaak, Autumn Ketterling, Hannah Herbel, Buchholz), 49.83. 9, Dickinson (Reger, Vannatta, Kempenich, Ott), 54.28.

800 relay: 1, Bismarck High (Casey Praska, Kendall Berg, Maddi Iverson, Mady Mosolf), 1:49.17. 4, Dickinson (Selle, Biel, Audrey Rodakowski, Ott), 1:52.68.

1,600 relay: 1, Bismarck Century (Dschaak, Ketterling, Goldade, Palmer), 4:10.98. 6, Dickinson (Rodakowski, Kreidt, Biel, Selle), 4:22.79.

3,200 relay: 1, Bismarck Century (Erin Palmer, Emily Goldade, Gracie Grinsteiner, Peyton Jensen), 9:46.96. 3, Dickinson (Leiss, Beld, Murphy, Zubke), 10:27.11.

High jump: 1, Gabby Jung, D, 4-11. 2, Megan Henderson, BH, J4-11. T9, Ryan Campbell, D, 4-09.

Pole vault: 1, Ackerman, D, 10-03. 4, Addie Kuehl, D, J-9-09. 5, Teandra Schneider, D, 9-03.

Long jump: 1, Taylor Weidner, BL, 16-06.50. T11, Madison Lindley, D, 15-05.5. T11, Ryan Campbell, D, 15-05.5. 18, Jung, D, 15-01. 33, CaSarah Vannatta, D, 13-04.

Triple jump: 1, Kaitlyn Emmil, BL, 35-04. 9, Ackerman, D, 33-11. 11, Jung, D, 33-03.50. 15, Campbell, D, 32-05. 17, Lindley, D, 31-10. 28, Vannatta, D, 28-02.

Shot put: 1, Anthonett Nabwe, J, 39-02. 4, Alanta Tormaschy, D, 37-07. 7, Rodakowski, D, 37-00. 31, Cassydie Paintner, D, 30-03. 32, Caitlyn Kolling, D, 30-00.

Discus: 1, Jenna Hardy, Mi., 118-11. 7, Alanta Tormaschy, D, 104-08. 24, Leannie Massie, D, 84-10. 33, Korie Riely, D, 70-07, 36, Caitlyn Kolling, D, 67-07. 37, Kiah Jahner, D, 67-03.

Javelin: 1, Nicole Perkins, BH, 129-00. 15, Breanna Knight, D, 91-00. 16, Sydney Binstock, D, 89-10. 20, Sydne Beld, D, 88-01. 24, Korie Riely, D, 84-06. 36, Brynn Beaudoin, D, 64-10.