Football is back.

Those words are almost able to bring the same type of enthusiasm as New Year. A new season with endless possibilities, anything is possible. But for a town like Dickinson, where the nearest professional football team is located in Minneapolis, over seven hours away, some businesses may depend on the football season in order to keep their business running.

Most people can’t wait for football season to return, whether they are cheering for their home team, or for a certain individual so their fantasy football team can pick up a win. Maybe some people just want to have an excuse to go to the bar, drink some beer and eat some food. No matter the cause, Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights are the nights that people come together to watch and enjoy football.

For the local bars such as Paragon Bowl Champs Sports Club, and restaurants such as Blue 42 Sports Grille & Bar, football season is essential.

“It definitely helps us on some of our slower nights, like Mondays are typically little bit slower,” Whitney Krieg, the General Manager of Blue 42, said. “It picks up business [on] Sunday’s a little bit.”

For places such as Blue 42, they are able to separate themselves from their competition such as the chain business corporations such as Applebee’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, both located in Dickinson, by being their own independent business.

“We’re not a chain, so we have the power to do whatever we want. If we want to have specials we can decide that day, or that week,” Krieg said.

Although the new NFL season may help bring more business into some other bars and restaurants, Krieg believes it’s college football, and teams like North Dakota State University football, that really help bring in people to its business.

“It’s kind of funny, because I feel like a lot more people are more into college football now, versus the NFL,” Krieg said. “It’s really interesting.”

But for Amber Wallstrum, the bar manager at the Paragon Bowl Champs Sports Club, the football season is everything to their bar, especially after the season is over.

“We definitely pick up during these times, a lot of people come together just to hang out and be in an environment like this, instead of staying at home to watch the games together,” Wallstrum said. “Mainly Sunday’s for sure."

Once the season’s done, it definitely dies back down,” Wallstrum added. “You’ll see certain customers only during football season, but you won’t see them any time outside of that, they definitely come to the sports bars because we have all the games on just during that time, where as they wouldn’t come here if we didn’t have them on.”

The Dickinson Press attempted to talk to Buffalo Wild Wings and Players Bar & Grill, both declined and were unable to comment on the issue.

Regardless of who is playing, whether it’s college, or NFL, football season is a very beneficial factor for Dickinson and the state of North Dakota.