Although his senior year of baseball was not played and his last high school basketball game was canceled, Kobe Krenz’s career in both may not be over.

He wants to be the unique two-sport star in college, and while there are others who do two sports which are usually football and track, he wants to be the rare athlete to play both basketball and baseball.

There are several schools that he is talking to but Williston State and Dickinson State are the two main schools that he is eyeing with a decision sometime in June.

“(I will play) baseball definitely. It will depend on where I go if I play basketball too,” Krenz said. “If I go to Dickinson State, then I’ll probably play both.”

If he ends up sticking with the hometown school in Dickinson State, he would be a part of the relaunch of the baseball program as the Blue Hawks are set to take the field for the first time in several years next spring.

Baseball was the sport that he always knew he could play in college and wanted to, but this winter ignited a fuel to continue playing basketball.

After scoring over 24 points per game and having a fantastic senior year, it showed him that he can play at the next level.

“Last year I wasn’t even thinking about college basketball until a really good season this year,” he said. “It made me start to think about it more.”

Krenz gives a lot of credit to his coaches at Dickinson High in both baseball and basketball as they believe in him and helped prepare him for tough decisions like this and even tougher times if he has to juggle both sports collegiately.

His growth from the beginning of high school until now is another reason that he thinks he is up for this.

“I want to play both mostly because I have been told that I can do both by my coaches who believe in me,” he said. “I just love both sports a lot. I have grown a lot from my freshman year to my senior year and I kept getting better at each sport and that makes me want to continue to play both.”

While he will handle the ball in basketball and be a perimeter player, in baseball Krenz has focused on pitching and playing in the middle of the infield.

He expects those positions to stay the same in the future.

“In baseball I play middle infield and I also pitch,” Krenz said. “Those are my strong suits. Wherever I go, I think they’ll probably have me pitch more though.”