After a night of power hitting and scoring leading to a victory on Monday for the Badlands Big Sticks, the opposite happened on Tuesday. The Big Sticks lost 7-3 and the series is now tied 1-1 against the Fremont Moo at Astoria Field.

After racking up 22 hits the previous night, Badlands (11-7) could only tally a total of seven hits against the Moo (10-9) which came into Tuesday’s game ready to snap its six game losing streak.

Fremont’s starting pitcher, Brody Sintek, threw over 100 balls to the plate for the Moo, pitching a total of seven innings.

As for the Big Sticks, Nick Flesher struggled on the mound, pitching a total of four innings, giving up seven hits and having six of the Moos’ seven scored runs placed on him.

“(Sintek) did a great job of commanding the zone with his speeds and just gave us a tough time at the plate today,” Billy Tomblin, head coach of the Big Sticks, said. “He was the aggressor, it’s as simple as that … We just didn’t put ourselves in the driver seat to take advantage of it.”

Fremont started the game just as they did on Monday, scoring three runs in the first inning of play. However, Badlands’ outfielder Carson Lundmark attempted to continue the success of the Big Sticks’ previous night of heavy hitting with a solo homer in the bottom of the first, but no dingers were seen after his long shot.

Lundmark finished the game 2-4 with a homer and a single, eventually scoring from an RBI double by shortstop Wyatt Setian.

“I was just kind of at the plate seeing the ball pretty well … I was just trying to focus more on shorter contact swings than I have been lately, and I think that kinda paid off,” Lundmark said. “I think that I maybe fell into my habits there at the end, but I’m doing the best I can out here and I know the team is too.”

With the series now tied, both teams will prepare for their final matchup against each other during the regular season to see which team will take home the series.

Fremont took the first three game series the two teams played a little over a week ago when they split the first two games, and Badlands doesn’t want history to repeat itself this time.

“We got to get back into the driver seat and we got to be the aggressor,” Tomblin said. “We can’t show up passive and attentive, we got to be aggressive at the plate and we got to be aggressive on the mound and I think we’re going to be able to come out and do that tomorrow … Our goal is to win every series, so we’re coming out tomorrow hoping we can do that.”

The final showdown between the Moo and the Big Sticks is scheduled to begin on Wednesday at 6:35 p.m.

Fremont: 300300100: 7
Badlands: 100200000: 3
W—Brody Sintek L— Nick Flesher
BBS: Carson Lundmark 2-4, 1HR, 2R. Wyatt Setian 1-4, 1RBI, 1R. Gaylan Young 1-4, 1RBI. Jacob Flores 1-1. Mason Schwellenbach 1-3. Conner VanCleave 1-3, 1BB. Logan Williams 2BB. Braeden Cordes 0-4. Clayton Hale 0-3. Chewy Sanders 0-4.