Dickinson High girls golf coach John Spry has a good problem this fall.

He has 14 young ladies on the Midgets golf team, including five from Trinity. He says that will create a competitive atmosphere in the team.

Dickinson loses only one player to graduation from last year and brings back Lola Homiston, who tied for 12th at the state tournament last fall.

“I can only take 10 golfers to an event, six varsity and four junior varsity …,” he said. “There is a lot of competition within the team whereas the last several years with nine golfers, I got to take all of them. In a way they were all safe. Now there is competition, which is healthy.”

The Midgets are looking to improve every day as their season opening tournament approaches quickly.

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Right out of the gate, they will be challenged and get plenty of golf in, which will push them to start off hot.

The team will go to Jamestown next Monday in what would usually be the two-day East-West Classic event; this year, due to the coronavirus, it will only be a one-day tournament with teams from the Western Dakota Association.

A day later, they head to Bismarck and the Tom O’Leary Golf Course for another tournament.

Homiston and Abby Goettle will pace the team this fall, and they have been playing in events all summer improving greatly, Spry said.

With Lola, "we are doing a little bit more course management teaching and shot shaping,” he said. “Abby has reduced her scores tremendously over the summer.”

Spry said that every golfer has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but that all golfers can improve their short game.

Chipping and putting is where strokes can be taken off, and that is something he is hoping his team will improve on throughout the year.

Another part of the game he has been working on with the girls is the mental aspect.

He wants the Midgets not to dwell if they hit a bad shot and stay positive throughout their whole round.

Spry also says that flexibility will be key this season, especially because coronavirus may affect their games.

Adapting, changing and being flexible in how things work will be critical to not only success, but finishing a full season for not only golf, but every sport.

“I had a meeting with our athletes and parents. The key for this season will be flexibility,” Spry said. “Things are going to change at a moment's notice and we will have to adapt. We have to be flexible. Keeping that mindset that we have to change (will be crucial). With the coronavirus, I hope and pray that we can make it through the season without an incident, but we also have to come to the realization that there is a chance. We will do everything we can to create a safe environment for participants and players.”