9-man football coaches discuss postseason region 4 awards

Mott-Regent-New England's Sam Huether throws a pass for a two-point conversion in the Wildfire's 34-12 win over the Mustangs. (Jake Wright / The Dickinson Press)

With the high school football season coming to an end on Nov. 13, teams now look back on the season and acknowledge the hard work of the athletes and coaches, especially those who earned the postseason awards for their hard work. For schools such as Beach and Mott-Regent-New England, the postseason awards went a long way.

For Beach, the Buccaneers ended the season with an overall record of 5-2 in region play, 7-3 overall and found its way to the semifinals of the NDHSAA 9-man Football Playoffs, falling to Cavalier High 30-20.

In the Region 4 football awards, The Buccaneers had four players on the 1st Team All Region team in seniors lineman Blake Van Horn, running back/linebacker Tyson Mattern, lineman Kyle Sarsland and junior running back/linebacker Kaden Volk.

Juniors quarterback/cornerback Tevin Dietz, tight end/linebacker Trin Schumacher and sophomore tight end/defensive lineman Trey Swanson were named to the honorable mentions list.

“It’s really nice, especially in this year of COVID when we didn’t know how many kids were going to play,” Mike Zier, the head coach of the Beach football team, said. “It's really rewarding for the kids. I think this will be a lifetime memory for those guys, but not so much the wins and losses, but the fact of how well the team came together and spending time with their friends.”


Van Horn was also named the 2020 Lineman of the Year in the region.

“That’s the other coaches in the region voting on that; that’s a pretty accomplished award when you get the other coaches voting and thinking highly of your players,” Zier said. “Blake was a returning All-State player and he played at an elite level this year. He’s one of the best to have ever worn the blue and gold for the Buccaneers.”

As for Mott-Regent-New England, the Wildfire ended the season 2-7 overall. The team was highly praised for their constant hardworking mentality and constantly trying to get better.

Wildfire senior lineman Sam Huether and junior running back/linebacker Nathan Kaufman were added to the 1st Team All Region List.

Sophomore quarterback/linebacker Cole Manolovits, senior tight end/defensive end Logan Lutz and senior lineman Stetson Urlacher were all named to the honorable mentions roster.

“We’re very proud that Nathan and Sam were on the First Team All-Region. They deserve it,” Nate Zachmann, head coach of the Wildfire, said. “They do the right things on the field and off the field.

“I’m just proud of all of them because it’s hard to come to practice when you have a losing record and play as hard as if you had a winning record,” Zachmann added. “They definitely did that week in and week out. Their leadership was really important. They came to practice optimistic day in and day out.”

Both coaches praised all of the teams in Region 4 football and look forward to adding more players to the All-Region roster next season.


The entire Region 4 Football Awards:

Grant County Flasher

1st Team All Region

Jon Bogert

Jace Friesz

Connor Ottmar

Isaiah Cook

Javin Friesz


Honorable Mention

Thomas Bryant

Layton Woodbury

Kayedenn Rivinius

Kidder County

1st Team All Region

Payton Cauthon

Jonah Harter

Blake Pfaff

Tristan Patzner

Carson Schmaltz

Honorable Mention

Luke Rath

Jacob Nolan

Jacob Biegler


1st Team All Region

Lucas Schumacher

Trey Jacob

Nathon Schatz

Dean Vetter

Honorable Mention

Rafe Kalama

Landon Bosch

Grant Bosch


1st Team All Region

Tyson Mattern

Blake Van Horn

Kyle Sarsland

Kaden Volk

Honorable Mention

Tevin Dietz

Trin Schumacher

Trey Swanson


1st Team All Region

Tucker Schneider

Noah Becker

Honorable Mention

Nolan Behrens

Kayden Sperle

Patrick Pechtel


1st Team All Region

Sam Huether

Nathan Kaufman

Honorable Mention

Cole Manolovits

Logan Lutz

Stetson Urlacher

South Border

1st Team All Region

Seth Wolf

James Schumacher

Honorable Mention

Marshall Lindgren

Connor Kosiak

Jackson Meidinger


1st Team All Region

Connor Andress

Honorable Mention

Corey Christopherson

Tom Buckmier

Jeran Anderson


Lucas Schumacher- Linton HMB

Lineman of the Year

Blake Van Horn- Beach

Back of the Year

Peyton Cauthon- Kidder County

Coach of the Year

Jamie Krenz- Grant County Flasher

Tanner Purintun- Linton HMB

Matthew Curry is a sports reporter and photographer for the West Central Tribune.
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