Area Athletics - Jan. 15-17

Recap of area athletics from Jan. 15-17.

Courtney Olson had another strong weekend for the Blue Hawks, totaling 39 points in the weekend. (Matthew Curry/The Dickinson Press)

Area Athletics — Jan. 15-17

After Thursday saw only a handful of games due to the heavy winds that impacted the southwestern part of the state, sports returned with a vengeance on Friday and Saturday with a total of 35 sporting events taking place within the two days.

On Friday, in boys high school basketball, the Mott-Regent boys basketball team had the strong performance of the night with its overbearing 62-26 win over Bison (SD). In girls varsity basketball, the New England Tigers went to battle against the Trinity Titans but lost the close battle 42-39. At the collegiate level, the Dickinson State University women’s basketball team finally made its home debut of the season on Friday against Viterbo and celebrated the occasion with a 70-59. The men’s team followed with a victory of its own against Viterbo 70-59. Outside of basketball, the Dickinson High gymnastics team earned its fourth first place finish this season. Sophomore Amy Fridley led the team with a season high 37.9 score in the all-around, earning her fourth straight first place finish.

On Saturday a total of 22 sporting events took place with teams across the southwestern part of the state. In boys high school basketball, Richardton-Taylor was in a battle against Max High with the game reaching overtime. Fortunately, the Raiders reached victory with a 58-54 win. In girls basketball, the Beach Buccaneers battled against Wibaux of Montana and were able to celebrate the trip back home with a 50-46 win. In collegiate sports, both the men’s and women’s Dickinson State basketball teams were victorious in their matchups against Waldorf University. The women’s team took the first game 47-43, followed by the men’s team earning the win 72-66. The DSU wrestling team also saw some action this weekend with a 2-1 finish in its triangular duals.


Beach boys basketball,
Trenton, 49, at Beach, 52. (Jan. 15)

Beach, 54, at Wibaux (MT), 52. (Jan. 16)

Beach girls basketball,
Beach, 50, at Wibaux (MT), 46. (Jan. 16)

Bowman County boys basketball,
New England, 30, at Bowman County, 68. (Jan. 15)

Bowman County girls basketball,
Grant County, 37, at Bowman County, 63. (Jan. 16)

Dickinson High boys basketball,
Bismarck High, 88, at Dickinson, 64.

Dickinson High girls basketball * ,
Minot, 66, at Dickinson, 49. (Jan. 16)

Dickinson High boys hockey,
Dickinson, 4, at Mandan, 1. (Jan. 16)


Dickinson High girls hockey,
No games.

Dickinson High wrestling,
Dickinson, 36, at Jamestown, 34. (Jan. 15)

Dickinson High gymnastics,
Placed first at the Bismarck High Invitational with 134.350 points. Sophomore Amy Fridley placed first in all-around with a 37.9 score. (Jan. 15)

Dickinson High boys swimming,
No matches.

Dickinson State men’s basketball,
Viterbo, 59, at DSU, 70. (Jan. 15)

Waldorf, 66, at DSU, 72. (Jan. 16)

Dickinson State women’s basketball,
Viterbo, 61, at DSU, 66. (Jan. 15)

Waldorf, 43, at DSU, 47. (Jan. 16)


Dickinson State wrestling,
DSU went 2-1 in its triangular duals on Jan. 16. Winning the first two, but losing to Northwestern College in the final dual.

DSU 47, Waldorf, 12.

DSU 22, Concordia Nebraska, 15.

DSU, 4, Northwestern College, 39.

Glen Ullin-Hebron boys basketball,
No games.

Glen Ullin Hebron girls basketball,
Wilton-Wing, 66, at Glen Ullin-Hebron, 37. (Jan. 16)

Heart River boys basketball,
Flasher, 55, at Heart River, 35. (Jan. 16)

Heart River girls basketball,
Hazen, 37, at Heart River, 36. (Jan. 15)

Beulah, 56, at Heart River, 39. (Jan. 16)

Hettinger-Scranton boys basketball,
Grant County 47, at Hettinger-Scranton, 55. (Jan. 15)

Hettinger-Scranton girls basketball,
Hettinger-Scranton, 38, at Linton/HMB, 68. (Jan. 16)

Killdeer boys basketball,
Powers Lake, 71, at Killdeer, 43. (Jan. 15)

Killdeer girls basketball,
Center-Stanton, 63, at Killdeer, 29. (Jan. 16)

Mott-Regent boys basketball,
Bison (SD), 26, at Mott-Regent, 62. (Jan. 15)

Washburn 48, at Mott-Regent, 59. (Jan. 16)

Mott-Regent girls basketball,
Mott-Regent, 53, at Washburn, 29. (Jan. 16)

New England boys basketball,
New England, 30, at Bowman County, 68. (Jan. 15)

Center-Stanton, 47, at New England, 61. (Jan. 16)

New England girls basketball,
Trinity, 42, at New England, 39. (Jan. 15)

New England, 24, at Flasher 61. (Jan. 16)

Richardton-Taylor boys basketball,
Richardton-Taylor, 58, at Max, 54 (OT). (Jan. 16)

Richardton-Taylor girls basketball,
Richardton-Taylor, 55, at Max High, 31. (Jan. 16)

Trinity Catholic boys basketball,
Central McLean, 48, at Trinity, 70. (Jan. 16)

Trinity Catholic girls basketball,
Trinity, 42, at New England, 39. (Jan. 15)

Central McLean, 19, at Trinity, 48. (Jan. 16)

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Matthew Curry is a sports reporter and photographer for the West Central Tribune.
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