Terrell Butler, a senior on the Dickinson State men's basketball team scored a team-leading and season-high 25 points in the North Star Athletic Association conference championship game in which the Blue Hawks fell 73-70 to Mayville State. He also contributed 11 points in the semifinal win over Viterbo and 14 points in the first round win over Dakota State. The Blue Hawks have made two straight appearances in the NSAA championship game.

DP: Where are you from and why did you choose DSU?

TB: "I'm originally from Virginia but I kind of moved around a lot because my dad's in the Air Force, so I ended up living in (Las) Vegas the last couple of years of high school. I wound up choosing DSU because I liked the environment here and I like what Coach (Justin) Wetzel had to sell me."

DP: How long have you been playing basketball and what's your favorite part about it?

TB: "I've been playing basketball since I was seven or eight and my favorite thing is winning and having the team atmosphere."

DP: How do you feel your season went?

TB: "It had a few ups and downs but I think we stuck together as a team and we played hard when we needed to so I don't really have any regrets."

DP: What's your major?

TB: "Business administration."

DP: What do you hope to do after college?

TB: "I'm still trying to figure that out right now. I graduate in the spring so I don't have that much time but I'm still trying to figure that out."

DP: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

TB: "Spaghetti if I had to choose one."

DP: Favorite movie?

TB: "Above the Rim."

DP: What's the last show you binged on Netflix?

TB: "Black Mirror."

DP: What's on your playlist?

TB: "I try to listen to a little bit of everything. I just try to stay on top of new music and listen to it as it comes out."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

TB: "Probably my parents, my dad and my mom have done a lot for me so I want to try and keep successful for them."