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DHS hosts annual Elk Hoop Shoot

Elks hoop shoot first place winners: Front left to right – Charlie Glasser(8-9 boys) and Taylor Gerbig (8-9 girls); Rear left to right – Dawson Wilkinson(10-11 boys), Tyson Schneider (12-13 boys), Kallie Dinius(10-11 girls) and Jazlyn Ottmar(12-13 girls). (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)1 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winners 8-9 Boys left to right: Joseph Schneider (3rd place), Charlie Glasser (1st place), Grant Gabel (2nd place. (Photo Courtesy of Don Bares)2 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winners 12-13 Boys left to right – Kevin Olsson (3rd place), Tyson Schneider (1st place), Logan Gerbig (2nd place). (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)3 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winner 12-13 Girls – Jazlyn Ottmar (1st place) (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)4 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winners 10-11 Boys left to right: Rigo Lopez (2nd place), Dawson Wilkinson (1st place), Landon Knote (3rd place). (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)5 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winners 8-9 Girls left to right: Meadow Olsonawski (3rd place), Taylor Gerbig (1st place), Tayon Henke (2nd place). (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)6 / 7
Elks hoop shoot winners 10-11 Girls left to right: Anna Armstrong (3rd place), Mya Wicks (2nd place), Kallie Dinius (1st place). (Photo courtesy of Don Bares)7 / 7

Whittled down from a preliminary pool of more than 700 participants, 51 contestants competed in the annual Elks Hoop Shoot hosted by Dickinson Elks Lodge No. 1137 on Saturday, Dec. 1, at the DHS gymnasium.

The event featured kids ages 8-13 from around Southwest North Dakota as they competed in age and gender-based groups for a chance to compete at the state competition in Jamestown on January 19, 2019. From there, winners move to the regional competition which is held in Rapid City in March and the national event in Chicago in April. Local lodges, with help from Elks National, cover travel costs for the winning families.

In each age group, the first-, second- and third-place finishers received medals, with the winner taking home an Elks basketball as well.


8-9 boys: 1, Charlie Glasser. 2, Grant Gabel. 3, Joseph Schneider.

8-9 girls: 1, Taylor Gerbig. 2, Tayon Henke. 3, Meadow Olsonawski.

10-11 boys: 1, Dawson Wilkinson. 2, Rigo Lopez. 3, Landon Knote.

10-11 girls: 1, Kallie Dinius. 2, Mya Wicks. 3, Anna Armstrong.

12-13 boys: 1, Tyson Schneider. 2, Logan Gerbig. 3, Kevin Olsson.

12-13 girls: 1, Jazlyn Ottmar.