Sam Oase, a sophomore forward for the Hettinger-Scranton girls basketball team, scored 14 points in the Night Hawks' 65-36 victory over Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter on Friday, Dec. 1. One day later, in a 59-56 loss to Linton-HMB, Oase poured in an early season-high of 23 points.

DP: What have been the keys to your early success this season?

SO: "The keys to my early success in the season has just been working with my teammates, and especially the coaches, too. They've been coaching us hard. Just showing up to practice everyday, improving."

DP: What are you most looking forward to this season?

SO: "I'm looking forward to just improving everyday, and the end result: the regional playoff games is what I'm excited about."

DP: When did you start playing basketball and what do you most like about it?

SO: "I started playing basketball since recess in like first grade. And I started playing basketball on a team as a fourth grader. The thing I definitely like most about basketball is being with my teammates, because you show up to practice everyday with the people and they also love basketball too. So it's fun and all."

DP: Who is your funniest teammate?

SO: "My funniest teammate is definitely Abbie Kludt. She brings the team up and has some crazy jokes too."

DP: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

SO: "My favorite athlete growing up is definitely going to be LeBron James, cause he's always worked hard his whole life and he's just an inspiration to me."

DP: If there is one thing that you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SO: "I would definitely eat pizza, I'm a big fan of pizza."

DP: What is your favorite holiday movie?

SO: "Definitely Elf. My favorite holiday movie is Elf, because I love Christmas movies."

DP: Who is your celebrity crush?

SO: "My celebrity crush is Noah Centineo from 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before.'"

DP: Either/or: Snapchat or Instagram?

SO: "Definitely Snapchat."

DP: Coke or Pepsi

SO: "I'm gonna have to say Coke."

DP: Country Music or Hip Hop?

SO: "I like both actually."

DP: Basketball or any other sport?

SO: "Basketball has always been my favorite sport, so definitely basketball."

DP: What is your first sports memory?

SO: "My sports memory is picking up the basketball and just playing with my brother. And just scoring that first basket, I just got so excited."

DP: Who is your biggest inspiration to succeed?

SO: "My biggest inspiration would have to be my family and just the people and players around me, especially the coaches, coaching us everyday. So just seeing everyone around me play hard, it just makes me want to play harder."