MINNEAPOLIS -- Timberwolves wing Andrew Wiggins missed Friday’s game against Washington for personal reasons.

The absence comes after his brother, Nick, tweeted his gratitude that his Brazilian team was allowing him to leave the team to attend his grandmother’s funeral.

Wiggins is presumably doing the same.

Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders wouldn’t comment Friday about Wiggins’ availability for Saturday’s game against the Rockets.

“But one thing I will say is that family is family, we are family, and Andrew has the time that he needs to deal with personal matters, as everybody in the organization does,” Saunders said.

Jeff Teague returned to the starting lineup in Wiggins’ absence after coming off the bench Wednesday.

Team sacrifice

Saunders has made a point a couple times lately to commend both Noah Vonleh and Gorgui Dieng for their willingness to sacrifice for the team.

Both, Saunders said, are deserving of significant minutes, but they’ve been essentially splitting the backup big minutes behind Karl-Anthony Towns of late. The two cycle in based on different matchups and looks the Wolves want to give.

“They’re, in a lot of ways, a better man than I’d like to think I would be in certain situations — because they’re both very deserving,” Saunders said. “They both work hard, and they both come in with a great attitude. But they both genuinely like each other, and they want what’s best for this team, which is just a huge credit, not to just them as athletes, but them as people. And the fact that we’re able to do what we’ve kinda been able to do in this young season is because of guys like them.”

Vonleh noted that he obviously would like to play more — he played 25 minutes a game last year in New York — but noted he’s “a selfless player.”

“Whatever situation is given to us, we’ve got to handle it and deal with it. Until some more time comes about, I’ve just got to stay focused and do whatever I can and put my best foot forward and help this team achieve what we’re trying to achieve and win,” Vonleh said. “ If we’re winning, you can’t really complain too much about anything. If we’re winning, just gotta keep sticking with it and pushing through and then eventually, whatever you want will come to fruition.”

Houston short-handed

The Wolves will face a less-than-100 percent Houston squad on Saturday.

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters Friday that Russell Westbrook was likely to miss Saturday’s game to rest. Houston is also expected to be without center Clint Capela and shooting guard Eric Gordon, who are currently out with injuries.