Class A football All-State roster

First team offense Quarterback: Jacob Delvo, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore. Running back: Clayton Grueneich, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Mikey Morris, 12, Beulah. Grant Skager, 12, Hillsboro-Central Valley. Ben Hoggarth, 12, Fargo Oak Grove. Cha...

First team offense

Quarterback: Jacob Delvo, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore.

Running back: Clayton Grueneich, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Mikey Morris, 12, Beulah. Grant Skager, 12, Hillsboro-Central Valley. Ben Hoggarth, 12, Fargo Oak Grove. Chase Peebles, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore.

Tight end: Lane Hanson, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm.

Wide receiver: Anfernee Economy, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore.


Offensive line: Jack Camrud, 12, Hillsboro-Central Valley. Easton Rindy, 11, Carrington. Chris Sowitch, 12, Minot Bishop Ryan. Jacob Kubas, 12, Hillsboro-Central Valley.

First team defense

Defensive line: Tyler Bergstrom, 12, Hillsboro-Central Valley. Hayes Haslekaas, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore. Dakotah Aaseth, 11, Velva. Dillon Schramm, 12, Beulah. Issac Fridrich, 11, Dickinson Trinity.

Linebacker: Connor Tetrault, 12, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore. HAyden Lee, 11, Velva. Dustin Kasowski, 12, Maple Valley-Enderlin. Kaden Wolsky, 11, Carrington.

Defensive back: Noah Sickler, 12, Dickinson Trinity. Trent Marquart, 12, Westhope-Neburg-GLF-Anthony Lee. Josh Knutson, 12, Des Lacs-Burlington.

Second team:

Jacob DeWald, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Wyatt Nitschke, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Jared Palluck, 12, Kindred. Drew Page, 11, Carrington. Adam Zavalney, 11, River-Fordville-Lankin. Kadyn Jaeger, 12, Rugby. Parker Alexander, 12, Harvey-Wells County. Ben Bohl, 11, Minot Bishop Ryan. Nicholas Effertz, 12, Velva. Colton Bartuska, 12, Des Lacs-Burlington. Cole Dukart, 12, Killdeer. Garrett LeMieux, 12, Killdeer. Kaden Kuntz, 11, Dickinson Trinity. Mark Hastings, 11, Hillsboro-Central Valley. Nathan Peterson, 12, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Phillip Hagen, 11, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm. Taydon Butcher, 12, Kindred. Mason Mach, 12, Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn. Carte Currey, 11, Langdon Area/Munich-Edmore. Jayden Shipman, 12, Carrington. Garret Dove, 12, Velva. Colton Miller, 12, Des Lacs-Burlington. Jacob Ruden, 12, Des Lacs-Burlington. Thomas Leintz, 12, Hazen. Tyler Erickson, 12, Beulah. Hunter Dassinger, 12, Dickinson Trinity

NDHSCA Powerade Class A football outstanding senior athlete of the year:


Clayton Grueneich, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm.

NDHSCA Class A football coach of the year:

Josh Krivarchka, Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore.

Class AA football All-State Roster

First team offense

Quarterback: Cole Gendreau, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's. Cade Busek, 11, Fargo Shanley.

Running back: Jared Harr, 12, Jamestown. Joey Hornstein, 11, Devils LAke. Aaron Delke, 12, Wahpeton.

Wide receiver: Jacob Halverson, 11, Central Cass. Luke Kambeitz, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's.


Offensive line: Joe Kava, 10, Fargo Shanley. Jake Kostecke, 12, Fargo Shanley. Brady Ouart, 12, Fargo Shanley. CArson Rieniets, 12, Central Cass. Tucker Hermes, 11, Wahpeton.

First team defense

Defensive line: Jaydn Ewing, 12, Watford City. Joseph Richter, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's. Jackson Faller, 12, Watford City. George Demarce, 12, Devils Lake.

Linebacker: Jarek Hogue, 12, Watford City. Jake Kava, 12, Fargo Shanley. Marcus Niemann, 12, Grafton. Mason Spies, 11, Bismarck St. Mary's. Trevis LaRocque, 12, Turtle Mountain.

Defensive back: Tom Erie, 12, Fargo Shanley. Haley Bucholz, 11, Fargo Shanley. John Nordberg, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's. Dylan Gross, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's.

Second team:

Jonah Krebs, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's. Cam Saville, 12, Fargo Shanley. Jared Kallenbach, 11, Jamestown. Brett Skarda, 12, Watford City. Zach Petrek, 12, Jamestown. Luther Zeltinger, 12, Valley City. Chris Thiel, 12, Wahpeton. Marcus Goulet, 12, Turtle Mountain. Spencer Churchill, 12, Bismarck St. Mary's. Talon Hoffer, 10, Fargo Shanley. Aaron Mack, 11, Jamestown. Luke Knowski, 11, Devils Lake.

NDHSCA Powerade Class AA football outstanding senior athlete of the year:

Jaydn Ewing, Watford City.

NDHSCA Class AA football coach of the year:

Troy Mattern, Fargo Shanley.

Class AAA football All-State roster

First team offense

Quarterback: Andy Gravdahl, 12, West Fargo. Jakob Olson, 12, Bismarck Century. Jason Hoekstra, 12, Bismarck Legacy. Zach Murphy, 12, Grand Forks Central.

Running back: Jalen Sprecher, 12, Bismarck High. Jason Gaulrapp, 12, West Fargo Sheyenne.

Offensive line: Logan Krueger, 12, Minot. Bennett Beehler, 12, Bismarck High. Zach Strombeck, 12, Bismarck High. Jamie Froysland, 12, Fargo South. Kemal Hajric, 12, West Fargo Sheyenne.

Tight end: Lofton Klabunde, 12, Minot.

Wide receiver: Joe Pistorious, 12, West Fargo. Austin Wolf, 12, Bismarck Legacy.

First team defense

Defensive line: Tanner Thorsness, 11, Bismarck Century. Trajan Jangula, 12, Bismarck High. Eli Gulland, 12, West Fargo. Dylan Evans, 12, Williston.

Linebacker: Levi Rockey, 12, Bismarck Century. Victor Isaak, 12, Fargo South. Hunter Danelson, 11, Minot. Jared Franek, 12, West Fargo.

Defensive back: Peyton Lemoureux, 12, Minot. Jake Faircloth, 12, West Fargo. Alex Sell, 12, West Fargo.

Second team

Will Madler, 11, Bismarck High. Tanner Dubois, 12, Fargo South. Creighton Rudolph, 12, Minot. Nick Tschosik, 12, Fargo Davies. Tanner Beaton, 12, Fargo South. Trae Steckler, 12, Mandan. Krew Mathern, 12, Dickinson. Hunter Gentry, 12, Williston. Kade Lunch, 12, Bismarck Century. Andre Baguma, 12, Fargo Davies. Luke Lennon, 11, West Fargo. Chandler Ibach, 12, Fargo North. Hunter Swartwout, 12, Minot. Ben Christian, 12, Grand Forks Red River. Devyn Vance, 12, Bismarck Century. Tanner Zapeda, 12, West Fargo. Jaden Klabo, 11, Fargo Davies. Sean Swanson, 12, Fargo North. Landon Haagenson, 12, Grand Forks Red River. Quinn Halstengard, 12, Mandan. Jamon Howard, 12, Fargo South. Reyer Fenoff, 12, Bismarck Century. Josh Hollaar, 12, Fargo North. Chase Dochter, 11, Bismarck High. Jacob Hudson, 11, Bismarck Legacy. Isiah Olsen, 11, Bismarck High.

NDHSCA Powerade Class AAA football outstanding senior athlete of the year:

Andy Gravdahl, West Fargo.

NDHSCA Class AA football coach of the year:

Jay Gibson, West Fargo.

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